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Hello Experts,


I am wanting to check if a table [Import_Excel_FBL1N] has a match on [InvNo].  I am not sure if Dcount is the best way to do this?   


Import_Excel_FBL1N.Reference = TEXT

InvNo = TEXT


It sometimes returns a #Error which leads me to believe I am doing something wrong or if I need an Nz check possibly? 


=IIf(DCount("*","Import_Excel_FBL1N","[Reference] =" & [InvNo])>0,"Yes","No")


I hope it makes sense.  Any questions please let me know.  


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If InvNo is text, you need to wrap it in single-quotes:
=IIf(DCount("*","Import_Excel_FBL1N","[Reference] ='" & [InvNo] & "'")>0,"Yes","No")
ahh yes. the text quotes. I forget about this too often. thank you. It works now.