Creating Mailing Labels

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I"m using Access to create a list of mailing labels.


I've imported the data from a Excel Spreadsheet.  Everything appears to be fine but the labels are blank.


I am perplexed, having created labels many times.


Any ideas?


The source file is password protected, but I have access to the file.


Thanks in Advance

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A lot of detail got left out of this question apparently.

"Everything appears to be fine"... What does that mean in terms of what you SEE? Remember, you can see your computer; we cannot see your computer. All we know is what is written in the questions here.


"...the labels are blank." What labels would that be? Again, we could probably guess what is involved, but guessing too often leads down the wrong path. It's better to explain exactly how those labels are created, what the supposed datasource is, and so on.


The more detail you provide, the less likely our guesses will go wide of the mark.


Thanks for helping us help you.




If you've imported the data from Excel into a Table in Access, you should be able to see the records there. From that point, it doesn't matter if the source file is password protected. Run thru the Label Wizard and see what it produces.

It's pretty straight-forward. I cover mailing labels in Lesson 12 of my FREE Access Beginner 1 course. Watch it here: