Combo box will not display 3 decimal number in drop down list.

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I have a table, ComponentFixed:  
> Field name: ID.  Date Type:  number. Field size: double.  Format: Fixed.  Decimal Places: 3
> Field name: Component. Data Type: short text. 

ID   Component
1.001  Roof
1.002  Flat Roof
2.001  Road
99.999  Building


I created a blank form.  In design mode, I dragged a new combo box onto it and used the combo box wizard.  I chose my only table (above), I chose both fields from the table (ID, Component), then the wizard displayed the contents of both fields to allow me to adjust the column widths.  At this point I noticed that the ID displayed the above numbers as follows:  1.001, 1.00, 2.00, 100.00.  This is not the 3 decimal display I expected. 


When I opened the form and dropped down the combo box list, the ID numbers were displayed as: 1.00, 1.00, 2.00, 100.00.


How do I get the combo box to display the numbers with 3 decimals as used in the underlying table?


Note:  I did the same as above without using the Wizard and got the same results.

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Double is probably not a good choice for the datatype of this field. It is often inaccurate.


For your purposes, with a requirement for 3 decimal places, currency would be a better choice for the datatype.

you can change the Format of the field on it's Design view.
change it to 0.000

also you can do the same on the Form (design view) with Format: 0.000