Can no longer view database window

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I wrote an Access app for my non-profit organization in 2004 using Access 2000. Since that time I have moved to Access 2007, cannot go any higher or I get massive errors. This has functioned well until I upgraded our pc to Win11. After the transition I still had no problems but after one of the automatic security updates I can no longer view the database window, tables, queries, etc. It shows up in the taskbar but clicking on it does nothing.  The database still functions flawlessly but if I need to go to a table to correct some mis-entered data I cant. Any Ideas. Yes I have tried compact and repair, view hidden objects and other ideas from the web to no avail.

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It sounds like you are using the Runtime version of Access, rather than the full version.
Find msaccess.exe and start it. Does it show the full interface? File > New, can you create a new database and design a table and a form?