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AES in Access

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I have a problem with implement AES code in Access ( I don't have a knowledge about access but I got an order for my boss that I must do encryption database of our company). Could someone help me step by step how can I implement found code to access?

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it would just make your db, heavy.

imagine when you open the table, you need to decrypt the content when reading.

and encrypt it again when writing.


what if the power went off while the data is decrypted, any body can view it.

also this is not suitable for multi-use environment.

I know why the boss would like to can encryption but I can't do it. I was looking for any guide in the internet but unsuccessfully ( I found only a script VBA AES). Can you have any information how I can implement script in access?


I've not implemented AES encryption but I have used RC4 encryption in numerous apps.

RC4 is 2-way encryption so it is less secure than AES which is 1-way.
However, whilst RC4 would not be considered secure enough for e.g. credit card data, it is secure enough for any data likely to be stored in Access and is also easier to code, Decryption is instantaneous and there are no issues using this in a multi-user environment as decryption is carried out at form level. The actual data remains encrypted

Have a look at these articles as a starting point:


Thank you for your time and help! I can read this atricles and if I have any question I can write here. Thnak you!
single form? how about continuous or datasheet?
Both work fine