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I purchased Office 2010 several years ago; but probably did not activate Access.  I tried to yesterday but it asked me to enter my product key; I did without success. So, I purchased a free standing Access from Office (it was not labelled but turned out to be 365.  When I installed it and tried to used a database, it kicked me to Office 2010 and asked me to entered a product key; but that did not work.  I was on with Tech Support for an hour yesterday. I was on for an hour and a half today.  The second tech uninstalled Access and then installed Access 2021.  I can open a database but they do not appear fully formatted and I have not been able to use an Access database.  I asked the fifth tech person several times to try it herself but she sent me here.  I simply want to be able to utilize a version of Access on my computer; thank you.

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what does "they do not appear fully formatted" means?
how does it appear. maybe you need some tweaking since
appearance of forms/reports differ from the way you set it up (pop-up/tabbed).