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I am new to Access how do I edit a template downloaded from access templates to tailor it for my business
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@William_Carroll Honestly, that's a very complicated subject that can't be addressed adequately in a forum like this. 

You need to start by learning as much as possible about relational database applications. 

Once you have a good understanding of that, you can start on your own requirements. And from there, you can search of a template that is as similar as possible to your requirements.


All relational database applications contain three major components:

  1. A Data Layer, or Data store. This is the component in which data is stored. The objects required are the Tables. 
  2. An Interface Layer. This is the component through which you interact with that data. It consists of the forms and reports tailored for your workflow. 
  3. A Logic Layer. This is the component in which you implement the logic needed to manage and manipulate your data and your interface. It consists of the VBA and Macros.

You begin with the data. In other words, you have to decide what data you need to track for YOUR business. You identify the things you need to track, such as "Customers" and "Products", or "Services", whatever forms the basis of your business. Each of those things is an Entity. Entities become the tables. So, in the generic example, you'll have a table for Customers, a table for Products and/or a table for Services, and so on. 

Forms are created to work with each entity, so you'll have a "Customer" form, etc. Forms are bound to the appropriate table, so the Customer table is bound to the Customer Form, and so on.


Finally, you'll use Procedures in VBA to manipulate and manage the forms and the data in the tables.


So, once you have a good picture of what it will take to model your workflow into tables, etc., you can start looking for templates that might be similar and start changing them to better match your own requirements.


It will take some time and effort to get to the point where you can do this, so I would advise not anticipate doing it rapidly. 


In fact, if this really is something you'll depend on to run a successful business, you'll probably be ahead either to find and purchase an "off-the-shelf" application designed for that type of business, or hire a competent, experienced, developer. It will cost money to have it built, but successful businesses need to have successful relational database applications.