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How to add "new page" breaks in a Form Report to printer; A > Z (LastName, FirstName, etc.)...???

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Please clarify what you mean.

Is this a form or a report? Forms are normally viewed on a screen. Reports are used where printouts are required.

When you want page breaks? After each record? After each change of last name etc.


The correct advice will depend on what you want so please be precise 



This ia a print-out of Forms and has the appropriate layout for printing each form...

How about the part where Colin asked WHEN and WHERE the page breaks need to occur?

Also, it's a general principle that printing Forms to paper is not nearly as effective as printing Reports to paper. That's because forms are designed primary for screen display and only secondarily (and clumsily) for print. Reports, on the other hand are designed primary for print and only secondarily for screen display.
Thank You, I will look in to that. Operator error, forest and trees...!!!!