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I forgot my Acces database password so How can I Open my Database 

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@MR_RAHIL  The entire reason for passwords on Access relational database applications is to prevent opening them without the password. That applies to you -- the legitimate owner -- as well as to anyone else who might obtain possession of the accdb illegitimately.  Without it, you are not going to be able to use it. Find a backup of your accdb without a password, if you have one.




@George Hepworth  Thanks A lot Sir You mean that I cannot open my database without a password If you have more information please share it with me.


@MR_RAHIL That's correct. 


Think this through. We put passwords on all kinds of things to protect them from others. Email accounts, banking websites, etc. The only reason for a password is to prevent others, without the password, from getting to the email account or bank account.


The same applies to your Access relational database application. If you put a password on it, you do so to prevent anyone without the password seeing what's in it.


If you don't know the password, you can't get to the contents of the Access relational database application. It's like your email account. Except most email providers allow for a way to reset a password. Unfortunately, the only way to change the password on an accdb is to know the current password first.

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