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What can and can't you do with SCCM with regard to servers if you don't have nor intend to license Server ML's. Can they still be discovered for inventory? 

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Hello All

i have problem when trying to push updates to clients

Failed To End Search Job. Error = 0x80244007 when check WUHandler log 

any solution 

also usually check devices status as unknown 

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Really i'm Surprisingly of no one of Microsoft technical support replay of my question 


Cumulative Update 6 (Build 5.0.7958.2432) is now available at this Download Center link. This update contains new full versions of the UNIX and Linux clients with numerous bug fixes, as well as support for new Linux distro versions, such as Ubuntu 16.04.

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We're about to overhaul and rebuild our SCCM. We're currently on SCCM 2012 R2 but have been experiencing a lot of issues with  it and have decided to start from scratch. Fortunately we're a small organisation of around 600 people in a single site location

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When KB4019926 was released I was able to install it in my QC environment which is set to fast ring. My production environment is set to slow ring, and therefore will not install this KB.  When is the rollup scheduled to be released for slow ring?

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Hello Richard


I don't completely understand the issue. Configuration Manager doesn't have the concept of a being in a permanent fast or slow ring.  You opt-in to see a

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"Heads up to #sccm customers on SQL 2016. Sp1, We're seeing serious perf issues on sccm with cu3, that came out recently. Working w SQL team"

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What could be the reason for Windows 10 in-place upgrade rolling back to Windows 7, and what could be the best way to handle this issue?

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Your question is intriging, but requires some more context to give anything useful.


So it would appear that this issue is only when a proxy is specified within the site system properties of the primary site server


I am just wondering why this would all o

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Hi I am no expert of WSUS but I'd recommend checking the Virtual Memory usage of WSUS App pool. Because if it consumes all of your virtual memory then you start getting a... Read More

We're unable to deploy patches to Windows 10 Surface Pro tablets using SCCM. I've been advised that our version of SCCM doesn't support Windows 10.

We're using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 v 5.00.8239.1000 


Is this definitely the case that it is unsupported?




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Hi Baronne,

What version of Windows 10 have you deployed and are trying to manage?

SCCM 2012 R2 only supports Windows 10 builds 1507 and 1511 - any recent builds (Anniverar

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Hi all,


Here is my new PowerShell script that create a set of collections for your existing software metered:SoftMatering.png


 You can download it from here:




Gregory B



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We've just released the latest technical preview for System Center Configuration Manager.

The 1706 TP release is one of the biggest yet. Highlights include a new capabilty to deploy and monitor PowerShell scripts directly from the console without having t

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Hello all,

i'm using SCCM to upgrade windows 10 1607 to 1703 and it working well 

however when i want to upgrae from 1511 to 1607 or 1703 it' fail with the following error 

please i need any help 

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Hello Muhammad


It seems that the image you uploaded got stripped from your post. The community support folks were able to retrieve it for me.  For the benefit of other

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Hello all


We added some labels for a bit of organization in this space.  Looks like this when you start a new conversation.  



This will help our community members find conversations that they are interested in, and help us track if we need to open sp

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Two issues I ran into while using the new functionality of SCCM to deploy Office 365 ProPlus:


1. The setup will fail if any MSI version of Office products is installed. But the CTR setup will leave behind a registry value at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mi

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Hi Kevin


If you haven't already done so, I'd appreciate it if you could report these issues on Connect here: https://connect.microsoft.com/ConfigurationManagervnext/feedback

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Hi all

I need to rollout an updated icd ppkg file to existing machines. I'd like to do this via sccm, does anyone know how to do this, maybe using a powershell script or the likes?
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There's a command line via DISM I think to install a provisioning package. You should be able to do this via program/package. Have you looked at these articles? https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/beanexpert/2015/09/10/add-a-provisioning-package-in-an-offline-image-using-dism/... Read More

Here is a way to quickly create automatically your SCCM collection in your new environment:


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Hello Everyone


The Configuration Manager team is pleased to announce that the Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK version 5.1706.1034.1000 is now available as a package on NuGet.org. For more information please see the following:


Configuration Manager Client Messaging SDK available on NuGet.org

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Hello everyone! We are happy to let you know that update 1704 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager has been released. Technical Preview Branch releases give you an opportunity to try out new Configuration Manager feature

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Please note that update 1704 for Technical Preview Branch is available in the Configuration Manager console. For new installations you should use the 1703 baseline versio

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We would like to deploy fonts using SCCM. We are using a vbs script 0*1(1) error message. We have several fonts in the source folder, and we are deploying them in a package to a device OU. I have attached the code.


When I try run the vbs script through th

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Actually, it is maybe a good idea to go with PowerShell ;)

My quick look at the VBS, tell me you are trying to copy the font from a netwrok share. Thsi will fail as the computer account does NOT have access to this share by defau

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