'The traits of a modern IT professional' - Robert Crane MVP

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'The traits of a modern IT professional' - Robert Crane MVP

Came across @Robert Crane's blog post here: http://blog.ciaops.com/2017/03/the-traits-of-modern-it-professional.html and found some interesting quotes:


  • ‘Services like Delve and Yammer have underlying intelligence to surface what a user needs to see based on their activity. There is nothing to configure with these underlying services, software just makes it so. Understanding this process and being comfortable with it is a must as there is now far too much information, from too many sources, for a single individual to be able to process it all.
  • ‘Many IT Pros have failed to keep their IT knowledge current, to the point where most users know far more about the systems they use than resellers. This is because that IT Pros have not carved themselves out regular time to study, learn, update  and use the latest in technology. It isn't hard to do, but the secret is to make it a deliberate practice, not something that you say you'll get around to and never actually do!’

Do you agree?  Let me know your thoughts below!

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Re: 'The traits of a modern IT professional' - Robert Crane MVP

very well written article and I fully agree, although for a person who is working 9 - 10 hours already it will be quite a challenge to come back home and then invest another hour or so to learn when family and other activities beckon. Not many IT companies provide time-off to employees to up skill themselves, it is usually learn on the job which is not always the best thing.

Re: 'The traits of a modern IT professional' - Robert Crane MVP

Really good article by Robert Crane, thanks for posting this.  I agree with it all! It's a great time to be an IT Pro.  We shouldn't fear cloud services or things that we might perceive as threats, embrace the challenges and lead the way. 


This was my attempt last year to discuss similar topics though I'd probably rewrite half of it now, it was interesting for me to see what I had previously written:


How to be an IT Professional


Rise of Shadow IT – Is your IT Department irrelevant?

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