How to disbale user create Team

Tien Ngo Thanh
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    I want disable user create if need create then can ask some admin create and assign owner ?

    best practice should be disable this ?

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@Tien Ngo Thanh Hi, If you don't want your users to create Teams you have to restrict Office 365 Group creation. You can set some users that are allowed to create Groups (Teams)


Note that one user will only be able to create 250 Teams or Groups, so you should include that in the planning.


Note that one user will only be able to create 250 Teams or Groups, so you should include that in the planning.

-> This we can set all user only can create 10 teams and some user can create 20 teams .another or reach limit then require Admin help create team ?

 Because current more user create more team


@Tien Ngo Thanh 


A normal user will not have any problem with this limitation but if you have one user creating all Teams for other users they can get up to 250 created teams fast. It is just something to be aware of if you limit your users from creating Teams. 


You can not set any limits by yourself in your organisation, ex. User A can create 10 teams and User B can create 20. If you allow users to create teams they will be able to create up to 250 Teams, the limitation is actually in how many Azure Active Directory objects that user have created so it could be 200 Teams and 50 Office 365 Groups.

@Tien Ngo Thanh  if you plan to restrict Office 365 Group creation then I'd highly recommend having a process in place that allows end users to rapidly request one - something as simple as a custom SharePoint list to collect the new Team details with a Flow that triggers on new item creation and emails your help desk

@Ian Moran: your mean is when user create new team or group then flow will running to sharepoint portal or email for admin then admin will check and approve/deny . do you have sample please guide help me  , I see this way ok .thanks

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