Accept your reality... or deploy OneDrive for a better one.


Your OneDrive audible mission, should you choose to accept it, begins now! This week on The Intrazone, Chris and I talk with OneDrive team members Jason Moore and Stephen Rose, focusing on the latest OneDrive innovations, best practices for use and adoption, plus a little trip down history’s retrospective lane (can I get a “My Documents” and a “SkyDrive” please). We also hear from Mr. OneDrive himself, MVP Hans Brender, forecasting his thoughts on the future of OneDrive and what to do with the old workhorse - groove.exe. And don’t be surprised if you hear a few sci-fi movie references throughout the episode – especially the cross-movie referencing kind 😉.


The Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the SharePoint team.


This episode will self-destruct in five seconds. Ready, Player? OneDrive!


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Intrazone-010_Ready-Player-OneDrive_hosts-guests-faces.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Mark Kashman – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [host], Chris McNulty – senior product manager (SharePoint/Microsoft) [co-host], Jason Moore – partner group program manager (OneDrive/Microsoft), Stephen Rose – senior product manager (OneDrive/Microsoft) [guest], and Hans Brender - Cloud Productivity Specialist / MVP (Bright Skies) [guest].

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Another great episode...I got there early! Really enjoy the long form conversations here, very involving. Thanks!