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I have assigned one employee from my Staff for one service that we are offering, but when a customer makes an appointment, only customer recives a email notification, but i want employee to also get a notification by email. I have figured out that only "G

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I am also having this issue. I was able to change who got the notification by going to business information> send customer replies, but this just changed who got the emai

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Hi Aleksandar,
Thanks for your question!
Staff members are not set to get an email notification, they will get an event created automatically in their calendar.

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So we are able to access bookings through URL in our Education tenant (Office 365 Education for faculty)


Q1: Can we use it / Are we allowed to use it?


Q2: When is it coming *offically* to Edu tenants?



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yes please.
This would be perfect for booking computer labs, booking appointments with guidance counselors, social workers and psychologists. Any updates as to when education will ge... Read More

Hi Markus,


It's great to see customers wanting to use our products!

We plan to bring Bookings to EDU customers in the near future but don't have a timeline to share yet

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I agree, my institution is asking for this as well.  When will it be enabled? 

Markus Hagman wrote:

So we are able to access bookings through URL in our Education tenant (O

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This looks like agreat App, it would be perfect in an eduaction environment.  Is it coming to Education Tenants?



Is it possible to export events with all provided data and customers info to Excel?



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I use bookings to schedule customers each workday. Every day I start work at 0800 and have 45 minutes sessions until 1630. We use a 45 min booking interval to get the most possible customers into each day.

0800, 0845, 0930, 1015, 1100, 1145..

Now here is

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If you set your Business Hours to 08:00-11:45 and 12:15-16:45 it should work

When will we be able to let our customers set their own length of their booking?


I want one customer to be able to book a two hour seassion and another to be able to book 15 minutes.


I can not see the reason for not allowing us to use this function.


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Is there a possibility to delete a company informations from Bookings or Office 365 and make a tottaly new one? I can't find any option in Office 365 or Exchange admin centers, neither in Bookings.

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I managed to remove the scheduled calendar that someone built.


However how do I remove the Company or restrict who within the company can create this in the first place

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Hi Lukasz - Thanks for the question! You can create a new booking calendar that won't be affected by the previous one. We are working on a friendly UI way to delete the o... Read More


I'm asking the same question. I didn't find the way to delete a bookings company. It's very weird not to have this option!
You can add as many company you want but can'

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Is it possible to add an Administrator in MS Bookings in the Staff or atleast transfer Admin rights?

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I have begun to evaluate Bookings and it looks really promising.  However, I have a question: when a customer receives a confirmation email, they can click on the "Manage my booking" square.  Fine.


However, if they hit 'Reply' and try to mail back to the

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Hello - I am also having this issue. Reply-to email address on confirmation email is a made up email address. Thanks in advance. 


I've tested it and it (currently) works for me.

I've learned that Bookings creates an imaginary e-mail address that is used by the system.

Then the new fix, automatica

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I'm having the same problem here. Anyone?

Is there a plan to enable an approval/edit step before a booking is confirmed?


For example, if the user does not provide sufficient information, or we want to change the chosen staff member, or for whatever other reason, we would like to have a chance t

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HI Ivo,


Thanks for your question.

We do not have plans for that at the moment but you can suggest it in UserVoice.


However, you can modify and add specific questions

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Probably missed this somewhere but is there anyone to change / edit (or add to) the email notification. I need to add a URL for the user to click on  - so would like to add this (or can you add an option to have a custom URL field) ?

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Hi Andrew,


Thanks for your question!

You can't modify the confirmation email sent to the customer but you can edit the "reminder email".

If you go into "Services" in th

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Looking at Microsoft Bookings, this product has been turned on for my account.  I am able to see the Bookings icon in the launcher.

However when I go to it to try to set it up, it takes me to my OWA email.  Is the reason I cannot access it because my emai

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Just started to have a look at bookings, mainly for internal training workshops and not for external customers. I am wondering if we can lock down access to the published calendar to only authenticated users? 

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To expand the use case, it should not be limited to O365 users on our tenant if we enable authenticated users.


We have a use case where we would like to provide Booking

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Any update on this to lock this App to internal authenticated users only ?

I'm also looking at the same use case and wanted to know if access could be locked down for internal use only.



We've been using Bookings since the start of the year and we have a problem where on the last day of each month, bookings for the following day only show a limited time period.


It has happened every month consistently so is definitely a bug. We are +1

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Hi Damien,


I am with the Bookings team. We haven't seen this problem before.

Could you please share with me your onmicrosoft.com domain? We will take a look.



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Is there any plan for SMS notification in Microsoft Bookings?

If no, will there be a way to integrate 3rd party service for SMS?



Michael Aarvik




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Hi team,


Yes, this is important, we have a lot of customers with this requirement. Waiting feedback from Microsoft Representatives.



Antonio Román

5Skill Soluti

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I agree 100% this is needed now.  Interesting we don't see any comments or feedback from Microsoft Representatives.


I am about to look for another product that does hav

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Yes please, this is important. Tk be able to link with our bulk sms provider Telstra in Australia. Its essential if you want to compete with the other booking providers.

It has been a few months since we've seen or heard anything about bringing Bookings to Education tenants. Is there any more news to share or any timelines? We have a great demand for this service on campus and I imagine across the industry so any informat

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Hi Jason,


Thanks for your interest in Bookings!

We are currently working to bring Bookings to our education licenses. Our public Office roadmap has it as "in developmen

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Firstly I created another Calendar folder as following screenshot. But when I create a new booking, there is no way to choose other calendar folders, it will always create the new booking in the default Calendar folder.

Is there any way that we can create

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I've had this happen lots of times . . when I click on the Calendar, Bookings freezes and displays "Loading Events".  There's a screenshot at the foot of this post.


I've found that if I exit from Bookings and start again, it then works fine, but I'd rathe

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I regularly see the same behaviour. Refreshing the window with F5 usually fixes it but there is definitely an underlying issue.

Hi Steve,


Thanks for the screenshot, I have reached out to my dev team to see if there is a bug.

For this kind of issue, the best way to ask for help is through the Hom

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Hello Anyone! How do I allow multiple customers or in my case employees to book the same time. I am hosting a series of meeting for my employees in which 12 employees can attend. I need to allow the time slot to be booked until it is full. Does this featu

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You need to create 12 dummy 'staff' (with dummy email addresses). I use exactly this process to allow up to 8 people to book into training sessions.

I am working in Bookings and am attempting to edit the business hours of a staff member.  When I attempt to edit and save any changes to the hours, i receive an error " Your request can't be completed right now.  Please try again later".  This issue has b

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Hi everyone,


Have the same issue. Any updates regarding this problem?

Hi all, Can Microsoft Bookings be used as an online booking system for a small accommodation such as a B&B or motel that doesn't currently have online booking capacity? Rather than booking different services, different rooms would be available to book for

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Hi Kushla,


Bookings is not really designed for that scenario, but with a little extra work you can set up a workaround with some limitations.


1. You would need to add

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Is there a way to set a "Special offer" so that people can book themselves  but I only want certain dates shown, not a calendar with all dates.


Any help much appreciated.



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Hi there!


There are no controls to do this inside Bookings but there are workarounds for this. It depends on how you have your reservation page set up.


The easiest wa

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We are removing access to some of the extraneous apps that our users don't need.   I can't find an option anywhere in the Office 365 Admin or Outlook Admin screens that allows me to disable this app either completely or per user.


Anyone managed to do this

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Hi Matt / Pierre - Thanks for the feedback! We are working on that but you should add it to the Bookings feedback forum https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings Read More

Same issue here. I can't find a way to remove Bookings which has absolutely no utility for our business. I checked also with PowerShell, but I couldn't find a suitable op

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Hello. It seems no matter what I try, I cannot get our bookings slots to start at 9.30 (and 1.30, basically we have two available 3.5 hour slots with a 30 minute buffer after the 9.30 slot finishes at 1.00)... I've tried setting our office hours to 9.30..

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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your question.

I think I know what the issue is. You are probably setting the 30 mins buffer time before the service, this means your 9am service

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I know this probably is not the question people would hope to see in the Bookings forum but our company does not require this functionality.

Is there a straightforward way to remove the tile from everybody's home screen and app launcher? 

I am not seeing "b

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I second, does anyone know how to turn off this and other apps on the apps access panel page?


Hi all,


I have a question, I have 3 bookings rooms for MS bookings in O365.

When I sign into Outlook with that bookings User and someone makes a booking on room1,room2 or room3 the outlook calendar puts all of the rooms in 1 calendar instead of spliting th

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