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I just set up Bookings and did a test to see if an existing busy appointment would be recognised and prevent booking during those hours. It permitted a conflicting appointment. Does Bookings take a while to sync busy/free time or is there some other kind

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A fundamental requirement to make the app usable is to integrate the user's own 365 calendar with the bookings calendar.


Firstly I see this link suggesting that time can be blocked out when the personal calendar is full:



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So do any Microsoft people call by these boards to actually help, or is it just a place for a group hug?

Me too me too.  The option to integrate a personal calendar is no where to be found.  I have wasted at least 2 hours of time trying to set up something that despite the i

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I am having the same issue.



When did u get access to bookings? I´m still waiting for mine.

I have first release activated for the entire tenant and i´ve added a Business Premium license on me but it´s not available yet.


Anyonw knows how long it can take to get it?



Martin Front


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Hi Gabriel, do you know if Bookings are now available in AU?

Hi Martin,


Thanks for your question!

You have activated all the right instances to get Bookings! We will start rolling out Bookings world wide in early December. Starting

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Just got access to Microsoft Bookings and I'm digging the simplicity of it.


The only thing I really need to start using it is a way to get a feed of all the bookings to display on a large screen.

That way staff and customers (our customers are internal) ca

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Hi Damien,

Thanks for your question. The way you can see that is going to Bookings and "Calendar" on the left nav. Filter to "Day" on the top right, and it will show your

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As of now, it seems like I – as a meeting arranger – can make a booking invitation to a customer. But then the customer cannot change or manage the meeting. Is this on the roadmap, or am I missing something? With this feature enabled, my company could tot

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Hi Morten - Thanks for the question! Your customer can always modify their booking from the confirmation email they get. That email has an option that will take them back... Read More


Is there a possibility to delete a company informations from Bookings or Office 365 and make a tottaly new one? I can't find any option in Office 365 or Exchange admin centers, neither in Bookings.

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Hi Lukasz - Thanks for the question! You can create a new booking calendar that won't be affected by the previous one. We are working on a friendly UI way to delete the o... Read More


I'm asking the same question. I didn't find the way to delete a bookings company. It's very weird not to have this option!
You can add as many company you want but can'

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I successfully created my business on Bookings and set up schedule.

When the schedule is "published" the URL given only gives a 404 error


I am a Microsoft partner and even have access to senior level support at Microsoft.


They said that there is no dev tea

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Hi Mark - Thanks for the feedback. If this is still happening to you, could you please give us more details in the forum? https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings Read More

Is it possible for me to customize my external URL for my bookings page?

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Hi Ralph - Thanks for the feedback! We are evaluating a way to shorten it when you share it but eventually it will show the entire URL. You can vote for that feature at https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings Read More

How does the roadmap for Bookings look like? Are you considering group bookings, so that a company can invite booking for a workshop, training class etc?

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Hi Morten - Thanks for the feedback! Those are all scenarios that we constantly evaluate. You should cast a vote at https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings Read More

We are removing access to some of the extraneous apps that our users don't need.   I can't find an option anywhere in the Office 365 Admin or Outlook Admin screens that allows me to disable this app either completely or per user.


Anyone managed to do this

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Hi Matt / Pierre - Thanks for the feedback! We are working on that but you should add it to the Bookings feedback forum https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/314907-microsoft-bookings Read More

Same issue here. I can't find a way to remove Bookings which has absolutely no utility for our business. I checked also with PowerShell, but I couldn't find a suitable op

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Any news on when the Microsoft Bookings will be available in Australia for those tenants on First Release? https://blogs.office.com/2016/07/20/bring-in-business-247-with-microsoft-bookings/ Read More
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Now available in my tenant in Australia. :)
The Aussies are keen. :)
It is available in the US and Canada. For rest of world I've been informed it will be rolled out in the next couple of months.

So I had successful had a bookings page, when I tried to browse to it I noticed it was giving me a 500 error. Now when going to the Booking Page I get an error "Current Publishing settings coulnd't be retrieved". The MS support rep had be try removing my

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Just tried out bookings and this is a great product, but it seems that the integration with Office 365/Outlook is not working correctly?  If a user already has an appointment on their Outlook calendar, Bookings is not restricting this time from being book

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All I can say is 'working as designed'. Bookings does not do a free/busy lookup to Exchange Online and maintains it's own set of available hours when staff can be booked.... Read More

To help make appointment scheduling simpler and more efficient for you, your staff and your customers, Microsoft is introducing a new Office 365 service called Microsoft Bookings!


Customers can schedule your business directly online

Reduce missed appoin

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I have a small business, cleaning services, and have been using SharePoint Calendars for years now. I have workflows that trigger when a employee clicks custom fields off... Read More

I have Office 365 Business Premium tenant but I can find Microsoft Booking on the Office 365 Launch Bar.


Does anybody know when Micrisift Bookings sitll be available?

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@Lana O' brien could you please share the question about where bookings data is stored with the team? Read More
For UK users will the data be stored within the EU (Dublin or Amsterdam) or will it be US based?

is there a way to preview this without having to subscribe to a new SBP tenant ?

We have faculty members that have been looking for a solid tool that will allow them to post a calendar online of their office hours and let students sign up. Currently many of them are still resorting to a piece of paper outside of their office door. In

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Couldn't agree more, universities definitely could benefit from Bookings.


Asked both o365 support and our local MS Premier Support team in Hungary, both said that Booking

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I raised the same issue with my Swedish Microsoft Account Team when I heard of the tool. According to them the tool is made for SMB but I can see clear use cases at a uni

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