Recently I've had several questions re: partner product availability for Exchange 2007. I should point out that over the past year, we've had excellent 3rd party ISV/IHV (Independent Software & Hardware Vendors) participation through our various technology adoption programs.

I've charted below a subset list of the various partners and product categories where they have indicated product availability within 90 days of Exchange 2007 RTM. 

Please note that this is NOT a complete list of all partners and product categories, but just the current status we have in regards to these specific vendors.  Also keep in mind this list is subject to change and you should check with the specific vendors for actual product versions, dates and functionality. Also, be sure to keep up to date on our expanding coverage from our partner directory on Microsoft.com: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/partners/default.mspx


TrendMicro, McAfee, Symantec, GFI, Kasperski, Sophos, F-Secure

Secure Messaging

nCipher, RSA, Check Point

FAX Gateway

Fenestrae, GFI, Captaris, BNS Group

Mobility Middleware

RIM, Good Technology

Migration: Public folder data to Sharepoint

Quest, Tzunami

Migration: Exchange Version(x) to Exchange 2007


Storage: Backup, Disaster Recovery, H/A

NetApp, Hitachi, CommVault, Symantec, DoubleTake, Computer Associates, UltraBack, F5, Teneros, Azaleos, Cemaphore, Xiotech, Mimosa, HP

Compliance: Archiving

CommVault, EMC, Symantec, Hummingbird, Mobius, Overtone, Atempo, AXS-One, Zantaz, HP

Compliance: Content Filtering

IXOS, Meridio


Quest, NetIQ, Computer Accosiates, HP

Line of Business Applications

Newsgator (RSS), nCipher (User Provisioning), K2 (Workflow)


AudioCodes, Dialogics

- Erik Desbois

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Erik, you may also want to list Quest under Compliance: Archiving. :)


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Good job on the list Erik. For those interested: Intermedia is offering all mailboxes and ActiveSync service FREE until January 2007.
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Stay away from Intermedia as their service is bad - buggy/unstable and poorly trained support. They're really driven by their marketing team, who made their core engineering team in Russia rush to market with a pre-final release of Exchange 2007 just so that they could claim to be the "first"!  I tried it and found that it's quite bad and their support people weren't properly trained for Exchange 2007. More importantly, what kind of company would risk their customers' data on a software not officially released by Microsoft for production use?
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Don't forget EMC participated in a lot of the categories above besides just archiving.

All of the storage, Backup, DR, & HA related platforms and products participated heavily in the early betas....The services folks participated for migration services....And the other products that intersect with Exchange Server participated heavily to ensure supportability within a reasonable timeframe.
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Well I have used Intermedia's exchange 2007 service since it was first released and I (for the heck of it ) called up my support rep and they said that they have been testing it for a year and are using the final release version directly from Microsoft, not sure what Josh is really complainging about here lol.
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Since everyone is talking about Intermedia, I thought I'd chime in. I've had some personal dealings with them and other pure play Exchange providers (from a partner perspective) and have concluded that because the margins are SO slim, it's impossible to survive as a pure play hosted Exchange provider, unless you focus entirely on economies of scale. So in a way, it's not their fault that quantity outweighs quality. I'd suggest you look to smaller niche providers that offer hosted Exchange as an important albeit partial piece of a bigger product puzzle.