Permission for Team Site Created by User from Delve (User Profile Dashboard)

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Recently New Admin portal has launch by MS Team. When we open Site Management Page we found that there are some website created by end users and the Admin of these sites are office 365 Groups(Admin). 

SharePoint Site Collection administrator didn't get any notification on site creation and also not have permission to control the site which are created by user from Delve dashboard.

Further more office 365 Admin tried to Delete the Site or access the site he also dont have access to those site.

All new teamsite are creating under the main site collection and has one Admin Group. All user in that group not able to access those all sites.

Power shell also fail n access denied.

We already disable option for people to crate site from setting in admin portal.

How can we control these site?  How we can enter these site without contacting user because all these site are creating under the main site collection n there is admin group to handle the site collection.




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Can you not add yourself to the group and manage it? I am guessing this is similar to connecting existing SPO sites to an existing groups?

No, As Site Collection Admin I can't Access the Site. 

My Question is as Site Collection Admin I should Receive an email that new Team Site has been Created and I should be the part of every site because I am Site Collection Admin.


Event the Office 365 Admin also not able to access the Site. 


I ran below code n receiving the access denied from powershell.


$userCredential = Get-Credential -UserName $adminUPN -Message "Type the password."
Connect-SPOService -Url "" -Credential $userCredential
$sites = Get-SPOSite -Limit all -Detailed
foreach($site in $sites)
$group = Get-SPOSiteGroup -Site $site -Group $_
          Write-Host $_.Name

#Access Denied.



Looking at your screenshot and your comments there are some things that need to be clarified:
(1) What you users are creating are just modern SPO sites what means a Group is created behind the scenes and by design the Group is the site administrator
(2) To delete the modern SPO Site: Have you tried the PowerShell approach?
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Well from Admin Portal we enable the the option to let people to create site. So whenever people click on their profile and navigate to the SharePoint they found an option to create Site. 

So we found numerous side created by user which later on we closed that option. All were team Site created by users in the main site collection.

Question 1. Site Collection Administrator should notified if there is new side created.

Question 2. Site Collection Administrator should also be the part of the primary admin group to newly created sites.


When as Admin we tried to access the site , we were not able to access. So I tried Powers hell to enter as Admin and than Go inside each site and check the issue.


I am attaching power shell which help me to get access to all those (modern) team site created by end user.