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Published 03-22-2021 07:01 AM 1,733 Views

What is Compliance Manager? 

What's in it for compliance managers and IT admins?

Watch our video blog to understand how it can help you navigate between all regulations and compliance requirements today!





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Good video and thank you for sharing.

I am wondering does the reporting dashboard consider as compliance evidence to the Data Protection Officer? As you know for the GDPR there is no certificate yet and companies mainly relays on reports and from my experience the Microsoft 365 Dashboard is sufficient but I am suggesting it would be nice to collaborate with the privacy compliance body and companies could just share it as a compliance evidence to government bodies and it has legal power (more than just a report).

@Reza_Ameri   Thank you for the feedback!

With regards to your question -  within Compliance Manager customers can upload the evidence for each improvement action.  They can certainly use reporting dashboard as an evidence.  But more than likely they will use "Generate Report" functionality that generates excel based report.  This reports documents improvement action by action implementation and test status along with details.


Hope that answers your question :)

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@Mavi Etzyon-Grizer thank you for your response and that would be great.

One gap is it is only limited to everything on the Microsoft Cloud and let say for Hybrid and on-premise scenario it won't have a full coverage. It would have been nice if there was a compliance manager support on-prem and hybrid cloud model too.

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