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We have a new Learning Mgmt System coming in.  They appear to be a small shop so they have not started on the path of being compatible with Azure Identity Services.  They did however mention that they have an API that is fully ASP.NET.  I am not a programmer in any way but am familiar with setting up ENT APPS for auth purposes as well as leveraging MFA.


Is there a way I can connect the dots here so when a user tries to login to the LMS they is a redirect to Azure.



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Hello @Christian Taveras,


Unfortunately you will not be able to connect the dots without getting the dev team involved. There several common ways to secure ASP.Net, and there is always the possibility that the dev team created their own bespoke approach.


I would ask them some basic questions to get started:  

  • What identity protocols are supported if any? You stated that they are not compatible with Azure Identity Services so does this mean that they do not support OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect?
  • Do they have any security?
  • If they do, is it only local user accounts stored in the database?

Of course there is always a way but it will make more sense for them to upgrade their system as opposed to hacky and fragile workarounds. My suggestion is to get them to look at Azure B2C.