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I created a Flow to extract specific data from a list when the list item has certain values in Due and Priority. The relevant step is shown below.


I now want to change the filter from 'Due on or before Today' to 'Due on or before Tomorrow.' However, none of the expressions that I put into the Flow show when I edit it. For example, in the above image, there's nothing to show that I specified only items having a due date on or before today. As a result, when editing a duplicate of the working Flow, I cannot figure out how, or where, to input the change from 'today' to 'tomorrow.' I can click on the Due value and add the time expression, but that just doesn't seem correct; it floats above the Due value. I'd appreciate help on how to do this.

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@Joseph Nierenberg Where you have added this filter 'Due on or before Today'? Can you show us the complete flow before this "Select" action?

It will help us to understand your question/conditions and your answer precisely.

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Exactly the issue. The complete Flow--which showed on screen back when I edited this previously--does not show. Only the information in the image above now shows.