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Dear Community, 


I am trying to create a flow to automate a work hours management process. This flow contains an approval stage that does not work. I have tried to find a solution but I have not managed to obtain it.


The error message is: "You can not process the template language expressions in the 'Start_an_approval' action entries in line '1' and the '1940' column: 'The template language expression' json (decodeBase64 (triggerOutputs (). Headers [ 'X-MS-APIM-Tokens'])) [' $ connections'] ['shared_approvals'] [' connectionId ']' can not be evaluated because the property 'shared_approvals' does not exist; the available properties are 'shared_excel'. See for usage details. '"


Can somebody help me?
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HI @Ignacio Tomai,


You might want to also look at the flow form on


In answer to your question can you  try to export your flow. Then import it. These kind of error messages often means that something has changed to the format of your data and the flow is unable to adjust to this change. and export import should recreate all the known data formats.