How to Patch a SharePoint Hyperlink Field using PowerApps

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I have successfully used PowerApps Patch Function to create new items in a SharePoint list.   


But I have not been able to Patch a Hyperlink Type field. I assume it's one of the Complex Data types. I am not sure where to get info on that one. I did find info on updating other complex fields like Choice and Person. 

Any help?



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I read elsewhere that there may not be support for writing to the SharePoint Hyperlink or Photo column type, so I worked around this by just using a regular text column. Add I wanted was to enable the user to be able to get to a URL from a PowerApps for where there would be documentation they needed to read. I simple hid the field on the PowerApp form in display mode and use a button control along with the OnSelect formula:


By default it launches the link in a new browser tab which is perfect for me.