Carrying the metadata along from DOCX into PDF

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I am taking a DOCX file from a SP list, converting it into a PDF via OneDrive and then putting the PDF back into the SP list deleting the original DOCX file in the process, this all works perfectly. However, I want to take the data from the columns such as 'filetype' 'fileowner' and other custom columns we have created along with it, so when the new PDF is placed into the SP list those columns are automatically populated. For some reason even with the 'get file properties' and 'get file metadata' steps it will not work.


I can see once the flow runs that under the 'get file properties' it has indeed picked up on all the information from the columns that I need, so I am unsure as to why isn't carrying that across when the PDF is created and placed back into the SP list.


This is my current flow:




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