Meeting series disappeared in organizers calender




This is Sean from Geneva Actions team, and I am writing to ask help for an issue with my calendar. A meeting series are disappeared from my calendar and I am the organizer of this meeting series. Is there a way to get it back rather than create a new series? I don't want to deprecate it because our team has many valuable discussions in that channel. Could you give me some suggestions/instructions on how to fix it?


Thank you very much!


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Here are some general troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Refresh your calendar: Sometimes, the disappearance of a meeting series can be due to a temporary synchronization issue. Try refreshing your calendar by closing and reopening it or by syncing it manually to see if the series reappears.
  2. Check your deleted items: It's possible that the meeting series was accidentally deleted. Look for the meeting series in your deleted items or trash folder. If you find it there, you can restore it to your calendar.
  3. Search for the meeting series: Use the search functionality in your calendar application to look for the specific meeting series. Enter relevant keywords or the names of participants to narrow down the search. It's possible that the meeting series got moved to a different location within your calendar.
  4. Check other devices and platforms: If you access your calendar from multiple devices or platforms, such as a smartphone, tablet, or web browser, verify if the meeting series is visible on any of these other platforms. It's possible that it's still present on one of them.
  5. Contact your IT support: If you're using an organization-wide calendar system, such as Microsoft Outlook within an enterprise, reach out to your IT support team. They may be able to assist you in recovering the missing meeting series or provide further guidance.
  6. Restore from a backup: If you or your organization regularly back up your calendars, there may be a chance to restore the missing meeting series from a backup. Consult your IT support or system administrator for assistance with this process.

Remember to inform your team members about the issue, so they are aware of the potential loss and can help in finding a solution. Additionally, consider creating a new meeting series or scheduling individual meetings to ensure that your team's discussions can continue even if the original series cannot be recovered.