Latest version of OneNote will not install on Windows 10

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I had to go through the process of reinstalling Microsoft 365 and while the other apps appear to have installed okay, OneNote is not installing.  When I click on the app icon it brings up the old version.


I went through several attempts from Microsoft support websites and the last being:


But when I start OneNote it brings up the OLD version, with the tabs across the top, not the side.


How do I get rid of that old version and install the new? 

I have gone through the uninstall of all versions I could find.


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There are three versions of OneNote, Local PC Version (the best), the Windows 10 version, and the online version The local PC version which is the original and most flexible install automatically with Microsoft 365. The Windows 10 version is available from the Microsoft Store. The online version is available at on your Microsoft account website. Unfortunately, the developers of each do not seem to have the foggiest idea how the other work and do play well together. I use OneNote all day long with the Onetastic utilities and up to a month ago was 100% satisfied. Now I am dealing with corrupted sections, sync issues, backup issues (most serious) and am not a happy camper. Look for more details as I try to untangle and document my grief.

I am looking to install the newer version of OneNote.  The one where the folders are located on the left.  The original version had tabs across the top of the window and that is the default version of OneNote.

The newer version also has access to cloud files that can be located somewhere but the older version can not display these.  And these are the files I NEED!


But Microsoft no longer has any interest in assisting with this problem.