PowerPoint 16.65 and 16.66 (22090700) "arrange" menu item does not respond to mouse.

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Noticed this first on the 16.65 build. Running on an M1 MBP with macOS Ventura latest beta (7) Powerpoint's "arrange" menu item does not work with a mouse. Initially was using MX3 mouse with logioptions, removed Logioptions and the issue remains. I can select "Arrange" and navigate to align etc with the arrow keys but there is no response from using a mouse. I updated to the latest build on the beta channel (22090700) and the issue is the same. Assume that is a bug. At least the arrow keys provide a workaround for now.

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I experience the same thing. I'm on 16.65 (Mac). Since 16.65 submenu's are not working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. I can only reach them with the arrow keys, not with my mouse or trackpad.



Confirmed I have the same problem, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MacOS Ventura, versions 16.65 and 66. All submenus do NOT work with mouse. arrow keys are a workaround.

@Brian_Jalet   Yes it is frustrating, reported to MS through the “I don’t like something” and received a response that beta versions of MacOS. are not supported but they are aware of the problem . Ironic on an insider preview build of office! 

@1961russ Ventura Beta 8 seems to fix the problem

Interesting. Unfortunately not for me. Still a problem.
You guys found a solution? I have countered the same issue which seems like impossible...
I'm having the same issue with basically every menu that requires a drop-down selection. You can open the menu with the mouse, but you must navigate with the arrow keys for now.


I have just updated my Mac to the latest MacOS Ventura Beta 13.0 (22A5358e)

and the problem seems to be fixed on all MS Office apps :)

@pdhancock You are right! Updated to beta 7 and it is solved!