IOS excel app drawing/shapes print 1 out of 10 tries

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I use the draw tool to capture signatures on a spreadsheet, for the past year this has worked flawlessly.  starting yesterday when I try to print from the app the drawings will only print 1 out of 10 attempts.  If I make a blank excel file and draw something and press print I will usually get a error 7-10 times that there is nothing to print and then all of a sudden it prints. This also occurs if I try to export or print to PDF. I have tried this on 4 different iPads and a iPhone with the same result  It looks like the iPad/iPhone app processes the file for printing remotely so I'm thinking there is a issue on their server.  I tried contacting support via phone but the rep was not helpful at all and did not pass along the bug report, his response was oh its apple device you need to call apple.

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