I've been getting the 0xC0000142 error

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So, I use the free office package, because I am a student. And it recently just did not let me type anymore on word. So I made another account, which is connected to my school. And everything worked fine. But recently my wifi was really wonky and, I think at that moment my office updated or something. But because the connection was not stable or something. And I've gotten this error code 0xC0000142. whenever I start a windows app. When I started looking for a solution. I only came across things which said I really should not do it because if you don't know what you are doing it can hurt the pc. Or I got things like restarting the pc. Then I came across the windows support https://support.microsoft.com/nl-nl/office/fout-0xc0000142-bij-het-starten-van-een-office-2016-toepa.... And it gives me this answer to go to and office-app and just edit the thing. But the problem is I can't go to any office-app because every office-app gets the same error code. And I am really lost atm. Sorry for the bad grammar and long story

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@Some1WhodoesnotKnow Hi there! I have the same problem and the steps here works for me: https://fourjph20.wixsite.com/expertech/post/error-0xc0000142-when-opening-starting-office-apps-in-w...


Let me know how it goes.