Dialing international from Skype for Business from voicemail emails not working


We have Calling Plans for our users and they can dial international just fine if they use 011xxxxxxxxxx or even just the country code and number.


However, if they receive a voicemail or missed call from an international number, the email message received shows the number in the format of +1011xxxxxxxxx.  If they click the link to dial the number, it doesn't work.  We opened up a ticket with Support, but didn't get anywhere.   Is there a way to modify the dial plan so it could replace the +1011 with +011? 


This what I'm trying...  


$NR3=New-CsVoiceNormalizationRule -identity Global/INT-1 -description "Remove 1 from Int" -pattern '^1011(\d+)$' -translation '011$1' -InMemory -IsInternalExtension $false


get-cseffectivetenantdialplan -identity email@tenant.com | test-cseffectivetenantdialplan -dia
lednumber 101144161234567

RunspaceId : xxxxxx-xxxxx
TranslatedNumber : 01144161234567
MatchingRule : Description=Remove 1
from Int;Pattern=^1011(\d+)$;Translation=011$1;Name=INT-1;IsInternalExtension=False


If I use the pattern of ^+1011, it doesn't find it...  If I dial 1011xxxxx, I get a diagnostic message saying the call can't be completed as dialed.

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