Circle Bullets not showing up in Word

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Since switching to Office 365, circle bullets in existing documents (compatibility mode) do not show up. 

Clicking on the drop down next to bullets shows the preview as blank. If I then click on define new bullet - symbol - the circle is highlighted in the list. If I click the circle from there - OK, the circle bullet is applied throughout the document and is visible but upon saving, closing and re-opening, they are gone again. Additional info:

Version 2004 (Build 12730.20270)

Square bullets are not affected

It is the standard built-in circle bullet

The bullets show up if the document is printed.

The bullets do not show up when converting to .pdf.

I have tried deleting the Listgal.dat file.

In a new document I can't get the circles to display at all.


Any help is appreciated!





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