Best practices for Power Automate with service account


We had a colleague leave who had their work email address and account connected to MANY Power Automate flows, SharePoint, OneDrive, Forms, Excel, etc.


We are looking to create a recommendation / best practices for a single account that will be used by the I.T. department for use in Power Automate, etc.


We will have colleagues in the I.T. department have access to SharePoint sites (maybe a security issue? do we EACH get our OWN accounts then?) and Power Automate


We'd have to have it setup as an email enabled account so we'd have to pay instead of a service account.  

Other thoughts?

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same question - we are starting to create more flows and they are all coming from my account, even when we use the 'send as' option. The 'approval' is routed corrected, shows the correct 'from' email but in the Teams approval tab, it shows sent from my a mail-enabled, licensed user the only option?
Try this : Setup a Service Account and assign it an O365 License
- Create new Flows or import existing Flows into the Service Account
- Share the Flows with the Authors (so they can update the Flows from their own account but it continues to run as the Service Account)
- email will come from the Service Accounts email address