0365 group calendars


I've created a meeting in an 0365 group and added invitees and sent out the meeting and all is fine as all invitees get the meeting invite. However if some people decline the meeting with a reply or if some people accept the meeting these notifications do not go to the 0365's group email inbox? does anybody know where the accept or decline notifications go? As a test I sent a meeting to myself and declined with a reply, I could see the reply was going to the 0365 group's email address but after sending nothing appears in the group email box. Any ideas?

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They go in the group mailbox, just not in the Inbox. Instead, you can find them in the Deleted items.

@Vasil Michev thanks, strange that they go to deleted items? I can see them in the Deleted items folder but my replies when I declined are not in there, example I declined the test meeting with a reply ''sorry I can't make it' but I can't see the text ''sorry I cant' make it ' in the declined response in deleted items folder? am I making sense?

Not sure about declined messages, should be the same process. Perhaps you for got to select the "send" option? In any case, running a message trace should reveal where they end up.

@Vasil Michev I didn't quite understand this sorry. When I open the group in Outlook I can only see the in box folder? I can't see the Deleted folder of the group inbox? where is that?

It's not exposed in Outlook/OWA, but you can get to it by other methods. The simplest one being using the "open shared folder" functionality in OWA and pointing to the Group address.