Room Resource "This meeting has not been accepted"

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I have added a room resource calendar to my calendar page. Can anyone tell me why when I hover over a meeting on this calendar, it says "This meeting has not been accepted"? I have attached a screenshot.


When testing, the calendar accepts the meeting so I'm not sure why this is displayed when users hover over the meeting. 



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Go to Exchange Admin Center > Rooms and Resources > select the room > Edit exchange settings



Same question here. Does anyone know why this occurs?  The resource calendar accepts the booking or meeting though. However the popup when hovering creates confusion and I don't know how to tell the end users.

The room is already configured like this
@TBoltonVMP Same issue here. I do not recall it always being like. this. User creates meeting with room resource. Room resource auto accepts the meeting invite. Meeting shows as accepted on originators calendar but shows as not accepted on room resource calendar. Dashed lines around meeting on room calendar. Both user mailbox and room resource are hosted in Office 365.
Its hard to tell but the room resource calendar in Office 365 OWA looks fine. This looks like an outlook issue.

Any recommendations?

@Joshua_Thompson any update on this ??