Today, we’re excited to share the latest updates for OneNote across Windows 10, Mac and online. From cloud file attachments, tag search, to Emoji keyboard and customizable autocorrect, we will be rolling out these updates in the coming weeks, so read on to find out more. 


Keep your work in sync with OneNote

Ever wonder if you’re looking at the latest version of a file? When you attach a file stored in the cloud (i.e. on your OneDrive) to your OneNote page, you won’t have to wonder anymore because your file will be synced with the latest changes through OneDrive. You can attach cloud files simply by enabling it in Settings and clicking Insert > File. Once your cloud attachment is on the page, OneNote will upload the file into OneDrive, which makes real-time editing and collaborating on the file easy. Your notebook will display a live preview if it is an Office document, so you can see changes made to the file in real time. For all other document types, the attachment will display a link, but because the files are uploaded to OneDrive, the link will always display the latest version of the file. Cloud file attachments are coming to OneNote for Windows 10 and Mac in the next few weeks.


cloud attachements.jpg



Find what you need, when you need it

Based on your feedback (thank you!), we’re rolling out the ability to search for tags in the OneNote for Windows 10 and Mac over the next few weeks. Tag search helps you to stay organized and keep track of subjects that may span multiple pages, sections, and even notebooks. You can search for tags by clicking the magnifying glass next to the notebook name in the left-had navigation pane. Type in your search query and choose to search all notebooks or the current notebook, section, or page.

search for tags.png


Create, express yourself and collaborate in OneNote Online

OneNote for Windows 10 and Mac aren’t the only platforms to receive updates this month! Personalize and collaborate in OneNote Online with the features below – they are currently rolling out and will be available for all OneNote Online users to try in the coming weeks.


Insert pictures from camera
Use the new insert picture from camera feature to create pages with more context and clarity. Click Insert>Camera to select camera mode. Snap a picture and click insert to add it to your page. You may have to enable camera support in your browser to use this feature. It’s really that easy.


CameraDemoGif (1).gif


Personalize with Emoji Keyboard
This fun feature allows you to browse and insert the appropriate emoji to your notebooks. Click Insert>Emoji to see a sample of available emojis. To browse the whole collection, click “More Emojis” and the emoji keyboard will open for more ways to add flair to your content.


Emojis in OneNote.gif


Customize AutoCorrect options
OneNote Online is giving you control of your autocorrect options. To access them, click on Home>Spelling>AutoCorrect Options to choose how you want OneNote Online to handle each of the displayed options. Fun fact: autocorrect can convert punctuation smileys to emojis :).




Copy and share link to section
Easily share notebook sections for more collaboration: Right-click on a section you’d like to share and click “Copy Link to Section.” This copies a link that will render the section name when pasted into a OneNote Online document.


Copy Share link to section.gif


We hope you love the latest updates to hit OneNote for Windows 10, Mac and online. We look forward to hearing what you think. Oh, and don’t forget if you have a particular feature request for OneNote, please add or vote for an existing request in the Feedback Hub. We look forward to reading your comments down below!

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I love OneNote. I've been using it a long time. Please find a way to allow me to make recordings longer than 3 minutes at a time on my Android phone like I can on the desktop version.


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@Jee Soo Han Thanks for the updates above. Good to see the progress and forward momentum. Nice.


Re cloud file attachments, could you please confirm:

  1. Can a cloud file attachment can start on a local drive, and once added to OneNote, be synced through to OneDrive?
  2. Can an existing file in OneDrive can be added to a OneNote page?
  3. What is the setting that has to get enabled please? Something like "Sync Attachments with OneDrive"?
  4. The text states "When you attach a file stored in the cloud (i.e. on your OneDrive)" - is the example of OneDrive the one and only supported service, or an example of a cloud storage service. I don't think you support Box and Dropbox, but your use of "i.e.," ("for instance") has me wondering.
  5. Does the user have control over where a file is uploaded into OneDrive? Or it is a "OneNote Attachments" type folder, like it is for email?
  6. Do you have a screen shot of the behaviour for a non-Office document please?

Thanks ... trying to understand ;)


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When is the ruler coming to the iPad OneNote?

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Scribe to text for iPad app????

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My biggest recommendation is to please fix OneNote on Mac.   I just switched jobs and pervious used OneNote on Windows.  OneNote on Mac is ver depricated and was so upset that Microsoft cannot mirror the experience which is something I would expect.  Please fix it and make OneNote great again :) 

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Please make the option to password protect the entire program instead of individual note sections.  ‘Every’ other major software program allows this function - certainly Microsoft can figure it out.  


When I open Evernote, I use a pin/password to access my data.  It should be the same with OneNote.  

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not yet received in France knowing that i use OneNote UWP Windows 10

Skip Ahead even configured as Insider into OneNote parameters … any deployment restrictions ??? 

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I agree with @michealsampson above.  Great questions asking for more details/clarification on how this file syncing works (love that you are offering it!). 


Great updates, however... just as @michealsampson asks, how is OneDrive handling a shared OneNote Book with colleagues and the permission to those personally stored files?

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No answer to Michael Sampson?


I'm asking the same questions. The ignite demo showed a local file, added to OneNote, being uploaded to OneDrive. I want to grab a file, already in OneDrive/SharePoint and link that.




@Michael Sampson @Alison Johnson @Randy Nieraeth @Scott Rixon - Great questions on the cloud attachments feature! Some answers below:


  1. Can a cloud file attachment can start on a local drive, and once added to OneNote, be synced through to OneDrive? Yes, if you attach a local document, the file will be embedded in the notebook as a read-only copy and sync with OneDrive.
  2. Can an existing file in OneDrive can be added to a OneNote page? Yes, an existing file in OneDrive can be added.
  3. What is the setting that has to get enabled please? Something like "Sync Attachments with OneDrive"? The setting will look like this: cloud attachment.jpg
  4. The text states "When you attach a file stored in the cloud (i.e. on your OneDrive)" - is the example of OneDrive the one and only supported service, or an example of a cloud storage service? OneDrive is the only supported cloud service.
  5. Does the user have control over where a file is uploaded into OneDrive? Or it is a "OneNote Attachments" type folder, like it is for email? There is currently no user control over where the file attachment is uploaded into OneDrive, but we are investigating future options to do so. 
  6. Do you have a screen shot of the behaviour for a non-Office document please? It will simply show up as a hyperlink on your page like this:local attachment.png

@Juan Crespo @Jan J @Dave Ritter @A.T. Pearson @j k Thanks for the feedback! Make sure you add your requests or vote for them (if they already exist) in Feedback Hub so the team can see them as we plan future work items. 


@Thierry JAUNAY There should be no deployment restrictions. We're doing a slow rollout of these features so you may not see them right away. 

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Hi Jee Soo Han


Is there any eta to rollout the cloud attachment feature for the Mac app? 




Miguel V

Will it be possible to play a OneDrive video on the page? Or will it just be as a link?

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I understood that this summer (US time) we would also be able to create custom tags, not just search for tags. Did I miss something or is that feature still in development? Is there an ETA for when we will be able to create custom tags in OneNote for windows 10? Thanks.

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The f7 spell check feature is no longer working on the app (not online). and there is no check spelling grammar button. changing spelling errors one by one is ridiculous and takes way to much time. please fix

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I'm on version 16001.11029.20060.0 and still no option to activate cloud attachments. I saw it on other computers, but not on mine. I am doing something wrong?

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@Jee Soo Hanthanks for the update and very helpful replies to questions.
I work with many different educators and I'm frequently asked "When I go to Insert -> File Attachment, why can't I browse my OneDrive like I can e.g. in Outlook Online "Attach -> Browse Cloud location".
From what I read above and your answers, this will be supported, is this correct?
If so, as in the article above, is it only for OneNote Windows 10 app and Mac or will it include OneNote Online?


when is this update being released or has it been released? I cant find it on my OneNote for win 10 Version:16001.11029.20060.0

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Could you add the ability to search for hashtags inside the text of notes and have it work like Twitter when typing them with autotype after the #TagName  , adding the ability to rename hashtags (rename #France in #FRA if i want to use ISO code) and ideally (maybe one day) inheritance features (be able to include #Paris when i search for #France). And in my dreams for a really efficient platform, I could add automatic modifications like converting some hashtags into others when you make flows, so that you can normalize tagging wherever it is coming from. As i often say talking about another product which is Microsoft ToDo = move from groceries lists to XXIst century efficiency … Till now still far from it ...


I'd love to be able to insert from Camera in Powerpoint and Word too.   The mobile versions supported this.

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Once again... any ETA for "Cloud Attachments"?  If I also store onenote notebooks on local computer, will the live previews still work, or does that require storing in OneDrive? If I create an archive of the notebook, will the content of the attachments be included or static snapshots be embedded?  Will previous versions point at the current live view of the attachment, or point at the attachment as it looked at time of previous versions. So many unanswered questions that for which no inkling of an answer is found by me or google...



As of 2019-01-13 I see build 16.0.11309.31676 for online one note at (private) and same build at work. Still see no way to insert attachments from OneDrive.  Nor do I see any "File Attachments Settings" as shown in screenshot of item 3 of above Jee Soo Han posting In. fact, neither google nor I find any way at all to change any options or settings in the online version of OneNote (not even the default font).


I try to be kind and courteous, but over and over again I see announcements on this twitter feed that imply new features will be available in weeks, and it ends up being months before they show up in production. Please be much more truthful and specific about ETA dates for development and production versions. This is a such a decades-old problem in software industry, often described as "vaporware" that will be available "real soon now". Certainly you can do better than just ignoring all the requests for ETAs on announced features. Especially galling when we see screenshots/videos of the features that we won't see for months, if ever.


Hi Ncprius,


There is a knack to this.   You need to adjust the settings of OneNote,  but it doesn't seem to be explained above.   


Read here  


Enable it by  clicking Settings --> Options  --> File Attachments Options


Still not seeing the "store file attachments in the cloud" option on my fresh install of OneNote for Windows 10 (version 16001.11126.20076.0)

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@Ivan Wilson in the UK I have it for 16001.11029.20060.0

Have you enabled Settings -> Options -> OneNote Preview - Enable Experimental Features ?

Are you an Office Insider? - Settings -> Options -> Office Insider ?

Annotation 2019-01-12 162511.jpg

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@ncpriusI don't have it either. I asked for clarification further up this thread. It's in Outlook desktop but not yet in any version of OneNote I know. 
When I go to Insert -> File -> I'm still take to a File choose from my local computer not OneDrive in the cloud

Outlook has Insert -> Attach File -> Browse Web Locations -> OneDrive/SharePoint/Groups etc.

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I've experimental, and insider turned on.. I've not seen any of these new features... :(


This was working on my Mac before because I still have a page with embedded Office files stored on OneDrive, but just now I found that dragging a PDF would store it locally, and the cloud attachment option is missing from my options.


Am on an Insider build Version 16.21 (190108)


@Philemon Burney - the feature is showing up now. I don't have Experimental Features turned on. Interestingly my version number hasn't changed. Still Version 16001.11126.20076.0. I also have the Tags tab in the search panel now. I did create a new notebook last week, I wonder if that resulted in features lighting up. However, I'm seeing these features in notebooks I have had for years.