When screen sharing people see black screen

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I had Thinkpad laptop and was using additional monitor on and off without any issues and suddenly since 2-3 weeks, when I am trying to share my screen, people are just seeing black screen. This is with both option i,e. when using laptop alone and also with additional monitor. Note there were no issues earlier.

Last weekend, I got a new laptop which is MS Surface 3, and after installing all MS apps on this machine, I am having the same issue. This is without any additional monitors.

This is causing issues for me and my team and would appreciate quick resolution.


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Hi @ThereseSolimeno

I have tried the first 2 options but not the third one. Will try that.


In meanwhile, I found that when I use teams via web browser there are no issues and works fine. So, the issues is more likely with the installed app.


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Yes that often happens. The tech support team is trained to ask whether the issue shows up on the web as well as the app.
One question, I remember checking on the 1st link you provided before and it says that login to "Admin Centre". When I tried that link, it says that I do not have access....

How can I get further on that solution?

Are you the administrator for your company?



Who is your ISP?


I found Screen share through TEAMS desktop client not working - Microsoft Community pointing to ISP rather than software or hardware config

My ISP is Dodo but this doesnt make sense as when I use teams via web it works but using app, it doesnt. This having same ISP :)
Ditto my ISP is Dodo. If I share using the WebApp it works fine.

@JulieKeena  my ISP also DODO and having same issue

Then what is the setting that is impacted by ISP?
Can Microsoft confirm on this?
Can they provide a fix to this if they know the reason?

Changing ISP is not a feasible solution for everyone I suppose....

@Viren_Manek I have the same here in Australia, a user is on DODO (an Australian ISP) and is also experiencing screen freezes, black screen when sharing with occasional sharing. When the user is in the office the sharing it working fine. Has there been any update? 


Hi Viren. I have what appears to to be the same problem when using MS Teams. My symptoms are the same as others have reported. The Teams App on Win10 is giving the problem. Using it through the browser is fine. My ISP is Dodo. Have you found a solution yet?

1. I cannot share my screen. All other users see when I share are black windows. My video that I share is very jittery and will stick with one image of me for minutes before refreshing, only to get stuck again. My image quality is really bad. I can see and hear other participants with no problems to a high level of quality. My audio to them is fine. This started for me about two months ago and happens consistently.

User Profiles with Teams Access.
2. I have three Teams profiles from different organisations and it happens no matter which combinations I use and with other people. 

3. I have tested between two computers side-by-side and can replicate the problem. They are:

a: Lenovo T14 AMD, Windows 10 19043.985 fully reinstalled to a blank HDD on 19 May 2021. MS Teams (64-bit). It was last updated on 19/05/2021. No AV has been installed yet.

b: Lenovo T430u, Windows 10 19041.985. MS Teams (64-bit). It was last updated on 18/05/2021.

3.1 I have tried both the built-in webcams and a Microsoft webcam.

4. I have tested with other colleagues running other brands of computers. I can see and hear them fine. They experience the symptoms above when trying to see me.

5. Both computers are have fully up to date drivers.

5.1 SpeedTest reports a 51Mb download and 16Mb upload on the web connection.


6. I have fully bypassed my Wifi and connected directly via CAT6 to the Router/Modem for both computers. 

7. I have tried two different modems. 1. The Dodo supplied Huawei HG659 AND a Netgear DB200 (fully patched)

8. I have tried initiating a VPN connection using Windscribe and the problem persists.


Getting it to work:

9. I have connected both of the computers above via wifi to a Telstra supplied NetGear Nighhawk LTE Mobile Router with Telstra data SIM. (Thereby removing Dodo from the equation entirely). Teams works perfectly with no interruptions between my computers and with other colleagues.

To me this points to the ISP being the problem.


Has anyone come up with a workable solution apart from chaning ISP?








As an alternate solution, I am using teams via Web which works perfectly fine with same ISP.
I think the issues is with using app with certain ISP and that is strange. If I can work with web then why cant MS update or propose any settings that can resolve this issue.

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I agree. Thanks Viren. Have you logged this with Dodo support, and if so, do you have a ticket reference number?

Hi Viren, I have been troubleshooting with Dodo. Do you happen to have a TP-Link Deco Mesh Wifi network? Cheers, Daryl.
Hi Daryl,
No, I haven't contacted Dodo and also I do not have TP-Link Deco Mesh Wifi.
I have Dodo HG659 Home Gateway Modem.
Is this to do with Modem?

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Hi @Viren_Manek;


Believe is ISP related.

Change the QoS setting in Teams fixed the problems for us. 

Your tenant admin needs to change this:

Teams Admin> Meetings > Meeting Settings > Network 

Turn off -> Insert Quality of Service (QoS) markers for real-time media traffic


Also update Teams client to the latest version.

Log-out and log back in.

Restart your Teams app.


You may need to wait for the change to kick in.

Good luck.





This worked for me.

I had to ask Admin to update the settings and it took around 2 hours to get this impact.

Thank you very much.