What´s the reason that I can´t delete chats

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Does anybody know why it is not pssible to delete old chats? 

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This is absurd.

I as the owner of the post/message want to have to possibility to delete what I have written.

Don't want to ask the and admin to delete and see what i have written.

Problem for me and my company don't exist anymore. 

We don't use teams anymore for this reason.



Hello, obviously you have not read the entire conversation and are not familiar with the compliance tools available for Teams/M365. If the administrator allows it you can delete your own sent messages. Deletion of an entire chat thread as a user though is work in progress, but the organization/administrators can always delete all data.



This is a very simple procedure to solve the issue.


First click the three-dot option, then click delete. If there is not available delete option then click more option and find delete. Or here is the complete guide that will help to resolve the issue.

FYI: As noted in the April 19, 2022 post, the option to delete an entire chat thread was only available to Personal accounts.


Now it's available to Education and Home and Small Business too.


Still apparently not an option for GCC, GCC High, DOD, or other cloud instances, though.

Saw this today:


Confirmed via M365 Roadmap that it is rolling out for commercial as well as government tenants.





@pietrwarsaw , 

MS dropped UserVoice in 2021.
They use many sites for feedback now, which is frustrating to keep track of, and also because some of those sites (i.e, the Feedback portals) are only available to commercial & personal accounts.


It's moot in this case, though, b/c the ability to delete chats is already rolling out, so there's no need to upvote it.
I confirmed a few GCC users I know already see the delete chats option.
Since GCC usually gets features AFTER commercial & home tenants, that probably means it'll be marked complete soon.