Users are not showing up when attempting to add them as member in Teams

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We have been running into this issue over and over again...


When a user is trying to add new members to their Team, users names are not populating.

These users do have access to Teams. 


When someone else tries to chat those same people - or even perform the same task - those same users will populate. 


How do we fix this and why do users populate for some and not for others...?


Thanks so much!!

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I haven't seen it happen with adding users to Teams, but I've seen it happen time and time again where people will put their cursor and type in a name in the top Command bar / Search bar in Teams to start a new chat with someone and they won't populate here. Unless you've recently chatted with a person that's the only time you will see that, and people think that's how you chat, when you really need to either use @personame in command bar or click the new chat icon.

If the users are actually in editing a team and trying to add members and they are missing there, then the only thing I can think of that it could be is information barriers being setup:

You could also have user sign out and back in to refresh cache as I guess that could possibly be causing it.

I've had this same issue. Have you figured out a way to resolve it yet? @Dunia_B 

This is still an issue as of 2020/07/17 .  I have a member who is not found when I try to add him to a team channel.  I can IM him just fine, but the lookup to add him to the proper group never finds him.


I have confirmed with the administrators that this is not an information barrier thing.


Do we have a resolution to this yet?



We attempted to add a member in a channel, Teams would say that one already exists, although the count in teams said there were 0. All team members could see message save for one, the one we attempted to add.


So, I deleted that team member from the main team, added her back and added her again into every single channel. It worked. but you have to be an owner of every single channel where you want to add the member.



Any resolution to this yet?  I have a user this morning who can see the other user in the top search, chat with them, etc, but when they try to add her to a team, she doesn't come up in the search.