The user ID you entered does not exist. None Microsoft Account

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Okay so this is a weird one, after inviting an external member (guest) to our team and they try to login, it asks them for a password and so tries to do a password reset as a password has never been set and they receive this error.


"The user ID you entered does not exist. Please check that you have typed your user ID correctly."


Now, other people from their organization have been invited and have been able to log in without any issues - just this one person's account.


Their work email address is associated with Google Business but that shouldn't be a problem.


Has anyone else run into this type of error? How to get around it so they can login either through web or directly through the app.

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Doesnt it ask the person to create a password? Otherwise temove the invitation from Azure Ad and donthe invite again
I will give it a shot by removing them from all the Team's they have been invited to and follow-up if they have been asked to create a password when first invited.
You don’t get asked to create a password when inviting s guest. The reason it does is because it’s just doing another verification back to your account basically to access

If They are getting account doesn’t exist then their office 365 doesn’t match the email they are trying to input. Their upn must be different. Anyway. They should just sign into office 365 ahead of time. Then copy the invite and paste it to same browser and then it should log on. It might ask for login again but not always.
@Chris Webb is right! I somehow misunderstood that the guest was an commercial address!
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