Teams usage reporting beyond 28 days

Ben Grinsted
Occasional Contributor

Is it possible, or will it be possible, to run the usage reports for more than 28 days and export the data?


Also, what's the difference between Office 365 Usage reports and Teams usage reports? They show different results for the same time period, e.g. more calls are reported in the Teams report than the Office 365 report. 

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Hi @Ben Grinsted

The Teams usage report is only available for 7 or 28 days

Having tested, it can't be exported currently.

In terms of the difference between Office 365 usage reports and Teams usage reports, you can compare what's measured in the following two articles

Hope that helps to answer your question

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard, it's a shame they only let you select 7 or 28 days and you can't export. 


Based on the descriptions, I would have thought the numbers would be the same. I might open a support ticket to see if there's any reason for the differences.

Thanks @Ben Grinsted

Yes, I would open a ticket and see if there is any specific reason. You would think they would align. Both the reports state that there is 1-2 days latency on them, but still, you would think the isn't a real difference unless they measured different things (the articles suggest they cover similar things). Would be great if you could post back here once you have heard so we can learn more, and if there is a reason.

Thanks again,

Best, Chris

@Ben Grinstedin my experience, every time I have tried to compare O365 related reports, I get pulled into a massive sinkhole. None of the data can be reconciled, it is very frustrating and disappointing. I have opened numerous tickets because of data errors and while sometimes they get fixed, other times they just go into a black hole.

Trying to explain this to executives at my customers is very embarrassing.

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