Teams -- Students can't read teacher feedback

Ericka Radcliff
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The ability to leave feedback on an assignment is essential, but if the student can't see the feedback it's a waste of time. I have a teacher who asked me to check into this and when I posted feedback for an assignment, the student couldn't see it. If there's a step I'm missing, could someone please fill me in? Or is this a problem other users are experiencing?

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I am having the same issue.  I am the tech coordinator and one of our teachers has spent a lot of time commenting on her classroom assignments and none of the students can see them!  I feel bad for steering her to use Microsoft Teams.  I am pretty sure when it was Microsoft Classroom, this feature worked.  

No this feature is one of the most important and it works in google classroom and used to work with MS classroom. 

I am having this same problem. I spent hours leaving feedback on assignments yesterday. I needed students to access and use that feedback today to improve their work. When the students went in, they could not access the feedback. Is there any plan to fix this in the near future? I loved Classroom, but I am having a real hard time with Teams because it just doesn't work as seamlessly as Classroom did.

Just an FYI... the commented documents can be found in the Student's OneDrive folder.  Not very convenient though but still accessible.  Classroom was much better!

I agree wholeheartedly!
I finally had time to get my students into their OneDrive folders to look, and we can't find the comments. Is there a specific file in which I should look?

We had to click on the "Recent" link and then we could see their files.

I can see the file, but I still can't see the comments I left the student.

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