Teams Analytics tab shows old data

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I am a team owner and I would like to view my team's latest analytics. However the application shows me data from 17 to 10 days before the current date and I cannot change to the dates I need. 



I have no access to the organization's Teams admin center so I cannot view the analytics there.


How can I change the dates to get current information? 


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Please, open a support ticket to report this problem

I checked some Teams and see the same, statistics ends Jan 18. I also see another post here about this problem.


As @Juan Carlos González Martín wrote, create a support ticket.

@Linus Cansby @Juan Carlos González Martín Thank you both, I will do that!

@Shtery @Linus Cansby   Hi!  Any update on this issue from Microsoft?  I had a similar issue happen to me today. I opened the analytics tab under manage team earlier in the day and got analytics through the correct dates, but opened it again later to answer an inquiry and it gave me a completely different set of dates.  I am hoping this is already on the radar to be fixed. Thanks!

I still have the same experience, the data is a couple of days old. So today the newest data I can see is from 13th.

Contact Microsoft Support and see what they say, if it is a known problem or not.

I've checked a couple of tenants, and I see data up to 14th in the admin center, and data up to 13th in specific Teams analytics.

I seem to recall that the admin center data has always been at least one, possibly two days behind.

Any update to this?  Two years later and still seeing the same issue.