SSO fails at Invoke signin/verifyState

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Following scenario: I have a working bot with an AAD v2 OAuth connection. Now i have created a new bot which is just for staging (DEV/PROD). This new bot works the same with one exception: SSO in MS Teams. Magic Code authentication works in both MS Teams and Emulator. SSO only works in Emulator. The error is the following:


Invoke failed due to internal error: Invoke failed: something went wrong in ProcessInvoke


This error occures when MS Teams sends the signin/verifyState Invoke Message to and results in a HTTP 500...

Since the SSO directly to my new bot does work in the Bot Framework Emulator i am sure this problem is on the site


Both bots are configured in the same way. The only difference is the MS App ID and Password. This issue is a showbreaker for us, since we cannot use MS Teams if there is no SSO supported.


David Vollmers

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The Team around MS Teams seems to have fixed the issue. It is still not perfect but you can read about it here: