Select my Background option not visible in my MS Teams

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I have two laptops from work , don't seem to have "Select my Background option" visible in my MS Teams in one of them. For that particular model of the laptop no one in the company seems to have it.


I still have blur video option though. MS teams is updated on both systems. Both on Same O.S


Few devices in our company have it , majority don't. 


1. If it's done on the tenant level i assume everyone should get it at the same time. As one company should be under one Tennat- is that correct ? 

2. If it's account based then i understand it's probably rolled out to few accounts (i mean user accounts).


Is there a way to check how MS is doing that because users who have real high end devices have it working on their devices. The other devices we have are not at all old though but less fancy configuration

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I fixed by switching my camera on custom set up. Just choose your camera again in the custom set up and the option will go back
Background effects option I swe it on my laptop and then one day it disappeared pls enable it I need it so much

In MS team app there is no option for backround effect accept me every in my school has this option in their PC please help me It"s a request 

@RWYoung  i am not able to understand the 4 point of your reply for adding background effect in my pc please help!!!! 

not able to understand 4 point please help!!!!!

@Aryan345 You need to extract the files that are in the zip file I linked to that folder I specified in step 4.


Open File Explorer and go to the path %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams and extract the contents of the zip folder that you downloaded from the link into that folder and follow the rest of the guide . 

@BradatCNC - 

I had posted back several weeks ago that "Background Effects" on my Windows 7 installation (yes I know...old) is not available in Teams.


I would like to point out that it cannot be my hardware OR operating system as "Google Meet" will BLUR my background within their meeting apps *browser* implementation!


Is the development team @ TEAMS perhaps just being purposely biased against the Windows 7 OS?



Yes, the development team will not be testing or accepting issues related to Windows 7, you need to use a supported operating system 🤷‍:male_sign:


Hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs






I had exactly the same issue. I use to work and suddenly the option disappeared. I have an CPU with AVX, it is not related with this because it used to work before.

I've tried everything with the ...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\blob_storage\Uploads\, install /reinstall, clear cache. Nothing worked for me. 


Then I went back to the basics. What new features have MS released recently for Teams? "New meetings experience"


Go to Teams Settings - General - Disable " Turn on new meetings experience ..." - > Restart the Teams and the "Apply Background effects" will show up again. 


For me it worked also after I reenabled the "New Meeting experience ..." and restarted Teams.


I hope this will help. 

please let me change my background it is my humble request .



how do you create a background folder for use with teams chat? 

@didee0531 Actually I did all recommendations on this topic and apparently my computer qualifies to have the background feature, yet it doesn't! I have tried it all so far and still the Background mystery is around with none being able to decipher it. Microsoft, please release more information or at least an error message on each user's computer enlisting the deficiencies related to requirements breaches!

@Yadwinder1130 So I am not sure if this is going to help anyone in here but I thought it was worth to share as I finally have access to the custom background feature!. I have tried everything posted in this discussion and had given up since nothing worked. Yesterday, we "discovered" that users being in a specific meeting policy was preventing them to see/use the custom background feature. We had created a separate policy with the exact same settings as our org-wide one except the one allowing people to record meetings. This was done way before the background feature was available but not sure if it made a difference. We noticed that if users were assigned that meeting policy then they would not have the custom background feature available and since I have been on that policy for ever I never saw the feature at all in my Teams meetings. 
I created a new from scratch/fresh policy (not a copy) for the groups that needs meeting recording capability and moved everyone from the "old" policy to the new one and that DID IT! Now I can record meetings as well as use the custom background feature. 


Again, not expecting that this will be the solution for everyone here but maybe will help someone!

This worked for me for blur. In my teams folder, /Backgrounds wasn't there; created it, added an image, and still wasn't able to use the backgrounds. This hotkey works. More hotkeys available? And I'm going to continue to play with it to make mine work. Thanks for the assist!
no they are generally just incompetant. It does not work on Windows 10 either !

@Yadwinder1130My issue is that ON THE SAME COMPUTER, sometimes background effects are there and sometimes they aren't.  How can that be?


A few days ago, I wanted to eliminate my background pic for a recent call and could not.  But today ON THE SAME COMPUTER, the setting is right where it should be.

Worked! Thank you!
It didn't help me.