Restrict O365 group creation to administrators only

janet sleiman
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I was wondering does anyone know if we can restrict Teams creation (O365 groups) to only Administrators without needing Azure AD premium license? 

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AFAIK not without doing a license violation.

The license is needed for regular users who will be creating groups, in your case that would be none. Admins don't require a license in order to create groups.

But to restrict users they need to apply group restriction! In this case “all” users in the allowed group needs licenses! Or did I get that wrong!?

“To manage who creates Office 365 Groups, the following people need Azure AD Premium licenses or Azure AD Basic EDU licenses assigned to them:
The admin who configures these group creation settings
The members of the security group who are allowed to create Office 365 Groups”

It’s a bit vague I guess...

But the admins don't need to be in that group. So at most, you need a license for the admin creating the restrictions... which is not something I would agree with but then again Microsoft needs to monetize AAD licenses...

It's really confusing, I don't know why they put it that way. So I'm assuming if I don't want to give it to regular users, I can restrict it from everyone and only admins can create Teams and I don't need Premium..correct?

This is true to the degree that admins can always create groups, they don’t have to be members either in that allowed group! But that’s from the admin interfaces! If they aren’t in the group they can’t create teams etc from the services themselves!

But then again, it may not be needed either

That’s how I understood it
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