Our guest users are unable to chat

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Guest users we invite to our teams aren't able to use the chat functionality in Teams. Conversations in the channels are working fine but not using the chat (the chat icon is missing). They also appear offline all of the time. For other tenants they say it is working fine and when we switch over to other tenants we have the possibility to chat. In Admin Center -> Guest Access is set to allow chat. Have anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Par,

Have you been through everything in the guest access checklist?

If so, I would consider opening a ticket with support.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris
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@Par Linderoth Sound to me like an admin turned off Chat for guests ...



Haha this completely slipped my mind - this is going to be it :face_with_tears_of_joy:

Best, Chris
Except for the fact the original poster already said they was enabled :face_with_tears_of_joy:.

Double check that setting. Also if it wasn’t on and it got turned on how long has it.

Next place might be messaging policies.
You know me mate - every once in a while I come up with some howler - keep s you guys on your toes :face_with_tears_of_joy:.

You know what it was like those months before MVP :face_with_tears_of_joy:

Cheers, Chris

@Par Linderoth- The only thing I've run into is that I, as a guest in other tenants, can't contribute to chat during a meeting, if I haven't switched over to their tenant.  Use Case:  I get a meeting invite for a meeting in another tenant.  When I click on that invite, sometimes (don't know the circumstances), Teams doesn't switch over to that tenant, but instead, joins the meeting while I'm still in my tenant  I can contribute voice and video, but not the chat conversation.

The setting has never been off. Today I turned it off and on again through PS just to see if that trigger anything but so far nothing.

What would the messaging policies have to do with the guest access? I guess the guest access settings in admin center equals the messaging policies but for guests?
Probabaly. They used to be separate. I’ll have to look when I get on computer.
This is typical behavior depending on meeting settings. It used to do this by default not sure if you’ve been in a meeting now but usually you can chat you just can’t use all the mentions and likes gifs etc in the chat unless your in same tenant.

@Par Linderoth  Hi Par.

We are seeing the same issue. It looks like it was working a few weeks ago and now it has stopped.

The chat toggle is also enabled in the admin portal (same as you).

I've checked all the other settings that I can think of but no avail.

On the guest client the chat icon is missing.

@peadard Have you reported it to MS? I had a ticket but the technician I was talking to claimed that it was as it should be and at the moment I didn't have the possibility to prove him wrong (through screen shots or similar) so I asked them to archive the ticket while I gathered "proof". I will open a new ticket when I have this and hopefully get a more knowledgeable technician. 

@Par Linderoth I lodged a ticket this morning and I will report back once they contact me.

@Par Linderoth had a support call with MS and they are going to come back to me.
They can see that the chat (guest ) is not working for us even though it is turned on for Guests.

Interestingly the federated chat with the same user is working. (Search for the user Externally)

The guest user gets created as a guest user in Azure Active Directory whereas a federated user does not.

Perhaps it may be something to do with licensing of that guest user in AAD?


No, that is typical behavior with guests and external users. External is just a direct chat with someone from each end's home tenants. Guest is when that guest switches into your tenant, which doesn't require a license and it will create a b2b guest account in your tenant for that guest.

@Chris Webb Thanks Chris. but they (guest) should still be able to chat correct?

Only if they are in a team, they can't just join your tenant and chat, they must be in a Team, then they will be able to chat with members of that Team.

If they are they should have the chat tab, if it's missing it has to be something with the messaging / guest settings, Don't remember if you went in and tried changing the setting back or not. You could also check the old school setting area in office 365 admin > Settings > microsoft Teams and under license type check guest there, it probably will be greyed out but worth a look, if it's not there is a way to enable chat there too for guest license type.

@Chris Webb  Thanks Chris. Yes they are a member of a Team and can interact as expected with that Team. The only thing they cant do is private chat. I have disabled (guest ) chat and left it for 24 hours and then re-enabled it but it didn't help. That old setting under Services & add-ins for Teams no longer has 'Guest' Listed as an option (or even greyed out) it only has Faculty and Staff and Students. Perhaps something has changed from a licensing standpoint...

No this won’t have anything to do with licensing.
Are you using anything other than the default messaging policy under messaging policies in Teams Admin?