Move converstaion or whole channel between Teams?

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Hello Community Members,


i think this maybe already shared by someone is it possible to Move conversations from one Channel to another or move the whole channel between Teams?


if not do we know is there anything on the roadmap from Microsoft.




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We have constantly been cleaning p the channels, and would like to know a better way to merge the conversations, as we don't want to lose the conversations. 

When is that feature going to be available,

@Nidhi520  if you would like to hear more updates here is the user's voice already created with 20K votes for these moving channels between teams..


besides this third party solution is also there to help you with this need;


Also, you can find moving the conversation from one channel to another as UserVoice has been created for that too which will come soon, as a workaround you can use the  cross-channel posting and edit the existing post or create a new which can be post into different channels and Teams.






Yes! Please have this done. My organization is new to MS Teams and would love this functionality. 

@Jerry Karlincorrect we will have to wait for Microsoft to Release this soon which is moving conversation from one channel to another channel and also moving a channel from one team to another team.

@Isaias1585that is great please do let me know if you still need any help with this.... otherwise you can still use the link above i send you to know more about Teams, Channels, and private channels.

@PDostiyar I have the same issue. I would like to be able to migrate an entire channel history to a brand new channel. migrate all items, all posts, all documents.

@Yoav CrombieThanks for the information and letting Agast can do it too, but hey another third-party and extra cost/license expenses right.


We did have few others in the past who could do that like Avipoint, and MigrationWiz but they need extra license and cost I was looking for something build-in and maybe not now but this could be possible in the future as there are UserVoices for it.

@Jerry KarlinGotcha, I know what you are thinking but if we could at least have this option available that may have some benefits in the long run. but let's see and wait as this is on UserVoice not sure when and how Microsoft will handle this function in Teams.

@boniface2021Well as mentioned in the other comment, we do have some third-party tools, which could do to name a few are these but it has extra cost/license charges to it.


- AvePoint

-Agat Software



there might be some others but these are the ones at least I know so far.

So can we do with the powershell graph api or c# api? Where do I go to find this information? If Agat (or whoever) did it, it can obviously be done.

No progress on this capability for 2 years is a passive-aggressive way of telling us they don't care what we need IMO.  Sorry this sounds so negative but Unfortunately since Microsoft determined it was better to NOT hear what customers want by removing the UserVoice path it seems that our hopes are dashed.