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So I am having an issue with Microsoft Teams on a daily meeting.  The issue is that one user continually gets dropped from the teams meetings.  He's tried both of our wifi networks, his personal network, and a wired connection none of these fix the issue. At first I assumed it was network based as our buildings internet is p2p and can sometimes be a bit difficult to work with.  I have a log file but I'm not sure how to exactly read the file and apply any changes accordingly.  Thanks for any information on either how to read the log file or with what my root issues might be. 

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Hi @js1605 ,


Before delving into logs, especially as there is no nice tool outside of Microsoft to parse it (short of ctrl + f), I would recommend trying the following:


Is the user in question using the web or desktop client? If client:


Has the user enabled the new meeting experience check within their settings, if yes can they turn it off and see if the problem still occurs. If no, can they turn it on and see if the problem still occurs. A restart of the application will need to occur for any changes to that setting to take effect.


Is the same issue present in the web version.


What is the version of their client?


If the web version:


Could they try the desktop version and see if the issue is still present. I know hardly the golden answer but worth a try as that kind of takes the update and version of the desktop application out of the equation somewhat.












Thanks for the quick reply to answer your questions:


He is on the desktop client.

The new meeting experience isn't checked. 

We experience the same issue on the web or desktop versions. (less on web)

Version (64-bit)

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Are other unaffected users on the same version? I am on 19173, going to update to see if there is a later version but I thought I was on it.

Did he have Teams installed stand alone or by way of Office Pro Plus?

Found this helpful link with regards to the logs and client issues

You could try the new meeting experience but I am torn between suggesting further client remedies as the same is seen via the web.

I will keep thinking...

Hi @js1605 


I also noticed this setting in settings: Enable logging for meeting diagnostics (requires restarting Teams)


Unable to find any official word on it but it may give you more insights into meetings in the logs, or might just be for the new meeting experience.





The installation is a standalone installation, I'll try out the new meeting experience and see what shakes out with that. 

@HenryPhillipsNimbitech I have the same issue and found a reason that’s stumping me: Teams calls get dropped when, and I‘m quoting the Teams debug logs here, a cookie is rejected *within Teams* !? (note that this is between desktop clients, not using the web client!)


Full Log entry (two of these entries are created each time a call gets dropped):


Thu Feb 11 2021 10:55:27 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time) <15292> -- event -- errorMessage: line 0: A cookie associated with a resource at was set with `SameSite=None` but without `Secure`. A future release of Chrome will only deliver cookies marked `SameSite=None` if they are also marked `Secure`. You can review cookies in developer tools under Application>Storage>Cookies and see more details at https://, status: success, scenario: 21a290dc-ae12-4d0d-b299-d0d740ce2d8f, scenarioName: experience-renderer-console-error, name: experience-renderer-console-error, step: start, sequence: 0, delta: 0, scenarioDelta: 0, elapsed: 264788079, stepDelta: 0, ppChannel: Production::DC, distSrc: PROPLUS_O365ProPlusRetail,VisioProRetail, ppInstallMode: UPDATE, autoStartPolicy: undefined, vdiMode: 0, eventpdclevel: 1, Scenario.Name: experience-renderer-console-error, Scenario.Step: start, Scenario.Status: success,  

This occurs only with direct 1:1 calls, not when joining a call that’s part of a scheduled meeting. Being just an end user, I don’t know the connection between Teams calls, Chrome, cookies and the reason for why these rejected cookies result in dropped 1:1 calls but not scheduled calls. But I know that multiple colleagues have the same call drop issue, and it’s quite annoying. If you or anyone here knows more about what this issue means and how to fix/workaround it, I‘d me much obliged...

I've here a pattern that the drops occur somewhere between 2m55s and 3m1s of connection.

@GeorgStoegerI see these two errors on rejected cookies also occur in the log on calls where I didn't have a drop-out each 3mins.

Sometimes I've the drops also when attending scheduled meetings, I can't find a pattern yet.

It looks like it started happening here only recently after the latest teams update.

I'm using a Jabra (Dell made by Jabra) headset - in a similar thread there is a vague suggestion that it may be related to that: 

In my case, the issue seems to disappear if I use my Dell/Jabra headset not via its USB controller but if I plug it in directly with its 3.5mm jack plug -> looks like this controller somehow triggers an end-of-call - although I used this one already for a year without problems before this suddenly happened. So for my case it looks like issue 

Solved in my case by exiting Skype which was still running in background next to MS Teams.
Having two applications open that both try to control the Jabra headset seemed to be the cause of the issue.
I have same Issue regarding Team Call Dropping. My Wifi as well as Mobile internet is very good but have serious issue of Team call Drop.

your help will be greatly appreciated.

@NIkhilSoni1984  So while my answer wont be very helpful it is what our end answer was and that was our ISP. We were on a Point to point internet that just was ultimately too noisy of a signal for teams phone calls. We replaced our ISP and went to fiber and haven't had any issues. 

Thank you very much for your response but for your reference i have already fiber connection.still having lots of trouble for call drop in daughter's school team id but no issue happen with my office team id.please suggest.