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Hello all,


I'm trying to link a URL from a fillable PDF to a "Teams Channel".   If I plug in the following URL, it works great (it links the user directly to a personal Teams Chat).  However, rather than link the user to Chat channel, I want the user to be linked directly to a  general Teams Channel. (I hope this makes sense).  

Is any of this possible? Complete:

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The only way this works is if the user is already joined to the Team. You can right click a channel and get link to get a link to the channel if they would be part of it already and use that URL.

@Chris Webb 

That solution was embarrassingly easy.

Thank you, Chris!  Much appreciated!!


My pleasure!

@Chris Webb This seems to have been removed.  When I click on the ellipsis next to a channel I do not have any option fora link. The only thing close is an email address.

Still there for me on both Desktop and web clients. It won't work on private channels so if the channel is private (has the lock icon) that is why.



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