Language Interpretation in Teams

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Have there been any updates or workarounds found for bi-directional language interpretation in Teams meetings? 


The implementation of language channel is rather flawed as it only allows for one way communication, from the main speaker/presenter to the non-English speaking individual. However, if the non-English speaker wanted to respond or participate in the conversation, they are unable to do so because the interpreter cannot be heard by the main speaker. 


This is also incredibly challenging for simultaneous interpretation for the non-English speaker. The non-English speaker would be hearing both the main speaker and the interpreter simultaneously, at almost equal volumes, making it near impossible to understand either language because the interpreter and the main speaker are speaking over each other. 


For this feature to work it absolutely needs to allow the main speaker to hear the interpreter otherwise you have a monologue rather than a dialogue. Zoom got it right when it comes to the interpreter being audible in either channel. 

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Agree 100%. The current setup is not useful in most cases, whereas Zoom is set up perfectly. Needs fixing urgently.