iOS Login error: MS Teams and Authenticator app just loops

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When I start MS Teams on my mobile, it just switches to the Authenticator app and then back to Teams -> MFA -> Teams -> MFA -> Teams -> MFA.... in a infinite loop?!

I’ve tried waited 5-10 min with the phone looping, but I can’t still use the MS Teams app on iOS after around 30+ jumps between the 2 apps.

Anyone here with a clue?
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In attachments you can see how it just switches between Teams and Authenticator app. 


Starting teams: 



Switches to authenticator app: 



Loads in Authenticator: 



Back to Teams: 



Back to authenticator again.... 




And then loops this.

In logon logs in admin center, this user have logon alot of times in the same minute. 

@JonasRR I experienced the same symptoms - just moments after I applied a new Conditional Access Policy to my pilot user. Turns out I required the user to require both an Azure Hybrid joined device and an Intune compliant device, instead of requiring Any. After I switched it to Any Teams stopped looping for me... 

Hope this helps



Thanks @whatisit ! 
That might be the case...  But somehow it stopped for me after another reinstallation of Teams app. 


But the only policies I use in our tenant is the ones that are MS default preview conditional access policies for MFA, so maybe there are some wrong config in the default ones that I can't seem to edit.. 



Does anyone find solution?
After almost 2 years still experience this loop issue on:
- iOS 14.8
- MS Teams 4.1.0 (newest)
- MS Authenticator 6.5.88 (newest)

Any fix around?

@fyayc-bue I agree, i also experience this issue from time to time and since multiple years. I could notice that I can provoke it by clicking on a Teams group instead of opening a chat or a meeting. However, I found a workaround when it happens: close the Teams app and the authenticator application. Then you open only the authenticator and wait until Face ID has authenticated you and you can see your accounts. Then you open the Teams application and it should work again. I believe the problem is related to using Face Id to open Authenticator in combination with enforced MFA and/or risk policies.

Can you test unlocking it without using face id? cause this seems like a bug with face id and authenticator, some disconnect. Needs to be reported to devs.

Dear @PlanetDDS_JeremyZ
I don't use FaceID. My phone is actually too old to support it :unamused:
But as it came, the infinite loop went' away two days later.

Without any change on my side.

I am still having this same issue in the year 2022, what can I do to fix this? I don't use face recognition but fingertip. Please help :-S.

Since I moved to iOS 16.0.2 (20A380) I don't have this issue anymore.