Files dissapearing from Microsoft Teams

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We have been using Microsoft Teams for 12 months - over the last month we have noticed that files in certain channels have disappeared. We can find the files when we go into SharePoint and then paste them back into the Team channel they disappear from. 


However has anyone else encountered this and if so is there a fix?


And yes, I have checked log and no one deleted them. 



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Can you expand what you mean when you say they have disappeared? Are they not visible anymore in the files tab?

Sorry to clarify

Yes when I click on the files tab within a channel the files are not there. The tab is essentially blank

But when you click from the files section on "Open in SharePoint" and it takes you to the SharePoint page, you can see the files?

No I have to go to SharePoint separately (not via teams)
What do you mean by paste them in? Files wouldn’t just disappear out of your files tab. They are a Sharepoint library and would have audit events tied to them. Sounds like your pasting links in a channel to files somewhere else in Sharepoint and this messages disappeared?

The files don’t show / have disappeared from the teams application

When I go to SharePoint directly I can see them.

I can not access them as they have disappeared from the view in teams.

You just responded previously and said when you use “open in Sharepoint” from teams the files aren’t there and you have to go through Sharepoint to see the files. That to me says the files your looking at on Sharepoint are on a different location than the attached group Sharepoint site. Also you said paste in your original post. The only pasting you can do is via link in a chat you can’t paste files into Teams so was trying to understand where those files were going if you meant the files tab or conversation with a link.
What a misterious problem here...if you are seeing the files in SPO, but not in the channel folder they should be is because someone has changed files can know who moved the files checking the created by and modified by fields in the SPO library and the document versions too...

Hi Byron!

A wild guess from me. Could it be that someone has moved the files from the folder that belongs to the Channel and placed them in the "root" of the document library? Then they will not be visible in the correct channel.


Exactly where in SharePoint do you find the files? Do you find them in the folder that has the same name as the teams channel?

I've got the same issue.

Can replicate it like this.

Open team's, create a new team.

Make a new channel.

Post some files in the created channel.

Open the channel in SharePoint view.

Make a new folder in the SharePoint view and move the files created in teams to this new folder.

In the SharePoint view you can see the files, but in the teams view they seem to be disappeared.


How can you make these files visual again in the teams view?




I think, I have the same issue. Files are not moved. When I Check in SharePoint the files are there in the correct folders matching the channels. The Files are not visable in Teams. Accessrighs are checked and the problem is seen by all the members of the team.


In my case the problem was caused by a renamed document library. (user openend in Explorer)

Renaming it back to it's Original name, restored all channels in Teams.


Basically when creating a Channel under a Team, it tattoos the original Files>SPO>Documents>Foldername with the Channel name.  If later on you rename the Channel, and them go to the SPO>Documents>Folder and rename the Folder – it will break the association.  Then if and when you go into Teams and click the Channel Files tab, it will auto-recreate the Team>Channel>SPO>Documents>originalFoldername and orphan the Document Folder you renamed on SharePoint.  The auto-recreated Folder will then be empty.    


We copied all the folder/files from the orphaned Folders back to the default Folders. 


YES!! It happened to me and my team today from 2 completely separate channels. All folders, docs, gone. No one deleted them. These are two separate teams. All files are gone in Teams & SharePoint. 

@Byron Roach 

The work-around is not to use the default channels and folders in a "sharepoint view".

When you want to use a sharepoint document libarary in Teams you've got to add this manual. Once done you can use Sharepoint and Teams to add, delete and move files.


Go to a team channel and select "General".

You'll see the default "Files" channel.

Select this channel.

Now you've the option to select "+ Add Cloud Storage"

Select Sharepoint and navigate to the document library that you want to add to Teams.

Once selected you'll notice that the folder added to the standard Files Channel has a Sharepoint icon.


Or watch the video ;)


Hope this work around was useful to you.



Watch PEI's Microsoft Teams tutorial on how to connect existing SharePoint Document libraries for easy access to all of your files directly from the Teams in...



This happened to us today. There were two folders showing in SPO. One had the wrong name, but no history of being renamed. The one with the correct name didn't have our files. The one with the incorrect name contained the files. 



We have the same issue. It is alarming to team members when it happens to them for the first time and they think all the files are gone and that it was something they did. We just migrated to Teams (with some effort) and this bug is threatening buy-in and tanking the credibility of the team of us that made the push for it. I can't believe Microsoft has let this go on. It is unacceptable.

@bas77  We've had this issue occur 4 times now by different members of our team. 3 out of the 4 times, the old folder name & new folder name are in SPO, and the files are located in the old folder. However, there was a case where even our IT team could not locate the old folder or files in SPO. We lost several files. 

This happened to us, too!